Thursday, March 31, 2011

the abcs of us.

the super fun list going around the blog world:)

age:  29
bedsize:  queen
chore you hate:  dishes
dogs:  one day…for now butch will do
essential start of your day:  workout at the gym
favorite color:  green
gold or silver:  silver
height:  6’1”
instruments you play:  none, i always wanted to learn either piano or sax
job title:  sorter
kids: 0
live:  vegas baby!
mom's name:  lorraine
nicknames:  -
overnight hospital stays:  2
pet peeve:  the closet light being left on
quote from a movie: “first rule about fight club, you don’t talk about fight club.”–fight club
 right or left handed:  left
siblings:  2 sisters
time you wake up:  during the week – 730a on the dot
underwear:  boxer briefs
vegetable(s) you hate:  squash, cauliflower, spinach
what makes you late:  traffic
x-rays you have had done:  teeth
yummy food you make:  steaks
zoo animal:  lion-o

katy beth
age:   25
bedsize:  queen
chore you hate:  emptying the dishwasher/putting away laundry
dogs: one day…
essential start of your day:  coffee! 
favorite color:  red, blue, pink
gold or silver:  silver
height:  5’7”
instruments you play: not musically talented at all
job title:  assistant director of admissions
kids:  one day…
live:  vegas baby!
mom's name:  nancy
nicknames:  ladybug, boomer, kb
overnight hospital stays:  none, knock on wood
pet peeve:  being talked at instead of talked too
quote from a movie:  "there you see her/sitting there across the way/ she don’t got a lot to say/ but theres something about her/ and you don’t know why/ but you’re dying to try/ you wanna kiss the girl"-the little mermaid
right or left handed:  right
siblings:  1 “little” brother
time you wake up:  too stinkin early
underwear:  always wear cute ones, no matter who is looking:)
vegetable(s) you hate:  peas, spinach, brussel sprouts
what makes you late: tv, phones, traffic, choosing clothes me
x-rays you have had done:  teeth, ankle, knees
yummy food you make:  pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
zoo animal:  hippos

now its your turn to fill it out:)

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