Monday, November 28, 2011

the 2 weeks to vegas recap.

yikes, it's really almost here! this week had my last long run and last body pump class. things are all starting to wind down and finish up, omg. this week was another one that i changed things up due to adding some extras in there and thanksgiving:)

sunday~11 miles.
11.3 miles =1:47:07 minutes/9:28 min/miles

this was my last long run of the cycle and it felt pretty good. it was extra chilly and the wind was not on my side. i was hoping to add an extra mile like last week, but my body just wasn't quite having it. i felt strong at the end and did to want to push it too far. plus later was date night with my love :)

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =43:45 minutes/9:15 min/miles

there were only 2 of us at the runner group this week, thank goodness brian showed up so i didn't have to go up and down the hill alone. we kept a pretty good pace and i was able to pick his more experienced brain.

6am body pump class

remember that changing around? this is one of those days. class came awful early and I couldn't seem to get on track. i wasn't getting enough sleep this week and it was starting to show. the whole rest of the day was off as well. days like today reminded me i need to take care of myself.

wednesday~spin class.

i gladly took the day off from training as my body needed it. plus i was able to leave work a little early to do a few errands and go to bed at a decent time. i felt so much better afterward.

thursday~body pump.
12k turkey trot =1:07:39 minutes/9:04 min/miles

i have never actually done a turkey trot before and decided this was the year to do it. i found one out at hoover dam and it was a trail run as well, another thing i had never done. i remembered why im not particularly fond of trails (the whole dust and dirt thing is not me) but we had a really good time. my mom and i did it together the first one in awhile. plus it was a good gear up for vegas. i started out with mom as she has amped up her running a little. then we separated and did the rest on my own. the trail boosts six tunnels and a view of the dam at the turn around point. what they didnt tell you was at that turnaround is a massive hill to get to that view. but in the end i was pretty happy with the race overall. i didnt really pay attention to time and kept a really good pace with the starting out a little slower with mom and the hills. plus this way i could eat whatever i wanted all day!
dang my hair is out of control sometimes haha.
friday~4 miles.

with the race on thursday and black friday in the morning there was no way i was getting out for a run. plus richard and i never went to sleep that night because target opened at midnight! i came home after thanksgiving dinner, took a nap, made some coffee, and we were off. finally we returned home at about 6am and were asleep before my head hit the pillow. early up, a 12k, 2 1-hour naps, black friday shopping at midnight and being interviewed for our local fox5 news about the shopping made for one very tired girl. later in the day we met up with my family to do a little bit of round 2 shopping and to see the muppets. OMG it was soooo good! ma nah ma nah. you just need to see the movie:)
4.21 miles =39:10 minutes/9:18 min/miles

i knew i needed a run over the weekend and really didnt want to get up sunday to do that so i made it saturday instead. this was the first morning all week i had woken up and wasnt sore. i headed out on the short route, i just wanted to clock the miles. i was pretty surprised with my pace when i looked at my clock at the end and saw what i had kept. the rest of the day was very productive after a good run. i came home to clean, grocery shopped and we put up our christmas decorations. we are officially in the christmas season!!

totals for the week = 27.69 miles + 1 day of cross training

this week i was reminded pretty hard to take care of myself and rest. i added an extra race to make sure im ready for vegas and am really glad i did. plus i got some more bling! i also took a look at what i am thankful for and realized i do have a lot on that list. like my fantastic family and friends, my amazing love for the support, my body for having the ability to run, my job for being employed and pushing me to the next level in school, and for the ability to put myself out there in this blog every week and have people read it, thank you!

7 days till the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

the lion of a date.

living in las vegas we access to some pretty cool things throughout the year. concerts, award shows, rodeos, and cirque de soleli shows, sometimes they even offer local discounts! i had been wanting to see the lion king at mandalay bay since it arrived in vegas a few years ago, but something else always seemed to come up. plus tickets were at least $100/person which adds up pretty quickly.
i heard awhile back that they were doing 2-for-1 local tickets and that at the end of the year it was leaving las vegas forever. i missed mama mia, which was there before and was determined not to miss this one too. after my best friend tiffany went and raved about it i knew i had to figure out a way to fit it in. i thought i would have to convince richard quite a bit harder to go, but he was in as soon as i suggested it. we started looking at the beginning of november for a good weekend and with all the holidays and things going on it was going to be a tight squeeze. we finally decided on sunday the 20th.

we also decided to make it a date night, you know, dinner and a show. we made sure to run all our errands saturday and my long run early in the morning sunday so we could have plenty of time to relax sunday day till the show. we got a little dressed up to make it really fun and decided to try carrabas for the first time. last summer when we visited his aunt and uncle they raved about carrabas the whole time we were there. it was time to finally try it! we went a little early, about 545p because we weren't sure what the wait would be. turns out we walked right in and sat down.

dinner was really good as we were both starving! we had amazing conversations. very grown up and lots of good things about what the future might hold (i can't give away all the good stuff:) ). soon it was off to mandalay bay for the show! I had picked up the tickets the day before so it was easy to go right to the theatre. there were tons of people milling around waiting to be let in to sit. we checked out the souvenir store then it was time to find our seats.
time to celebrate the circle of life!
the show didn't actually start till 815p because so many people were late. once it started it was amazing start to finish! it had all the great things from the movie and then some. the animals were fantastic and the music was so good. it was a little different from the movie, for example rafiki was a woman and it felt a lot more african savannah rather than disney. timon and pumba in fact were really the only 2 characters that looked like the movie. but it was soooo good! I highly recommend it to anyone that loves the movie:)
we made home quite a bit later than I thought we would, but that's ok. the show, dinner, and all the conversation was completely worth it. we had an amazing night and a very different date night for us. it's fun to shake it up sometimes:) hakuna matata!
the super pretty tree in mandalay bay.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

the 3 weeks to vegas recap.

after moving so many things around last week i had to continue with that for this week too. ok, all of my weeks are going to not be following the original training plan till the actual race. i added a few things, had to move up a long run or 2, and still had to get all the training in. but i have a new plan and it allows for all those things to happen!

sunday~10 miles.

i took full advantage of the impromptu race day by sleeping in, grocery shopping, and watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 with richard. it was a low-key day and thats exactly what i wanted.
monday~4-5 miles.
5.12 miles =50:12 minutes/9:48 min/miles.

there was only 3 of us this week and we were all looking for a slower pace, exactly like we did. i got off early and went home to finish up my midterm. going home early from work was great, getting myself off my comfortable couch to meet the group, not so easy. it was a little warmer this week and we tacked on the extra 1/2 mile to make it just over 5. felt good and so glad i was there:)
post runner group/turned in
my midterm successfully treat:)
5.31 miles =52:18 minutes/9:50 min/miles.

i woke up ready to go and kind of excited about a run on a usual rest day. my body however was not so excited at all. i just couldnt seem to find my rhythm, my head was saying yes and my body was saying not so much. i finished it out and at a pretty good pace. i knew it was time to move on though once i got home!
6am spin class.

there seemed to be some new faces in class this week and i realized in a few weeks there are going to be lots of new faces with new years resolutions. about 1/2 way through class i was starving and knew that meant i was working my butt off. i didnt sweat very much this week which was a little sad, but glad i was so hungry. i also realized i only have 1 more spin class in my training cycle! its time to start wrapping everything up, wow.

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump.

we had a sub this week and the microphone went out about mid class so there was lots of screaming instead. and even the screaming didnt mean that we actually heard her. but class was still good and i got hungry again 1/2 way through. i just couldnt seem to get full this week. once home i skipped the nap to finish up my homework because my new toy was supposed to be here thursday. there was quite a bit of screaming when it was delivered to my desk...
soooo super excited!!
then i had to put it in the drawer later on so
i could actually get some work done:)
friday~4 miles.
6.2 miles =57.24 minutes/9:15 min/miles.

after my not so exciting run on tuesday i knew today had to be better. i fell asleep early and didnt have to work friday so i was able to get out the door a little later. i decided to tack on an extra mile this week to the friday special before the run started since i didnt have to be at work. my body felt much better and my pace was great! afterward i got to have my 1st mini-tweetup with a couple local running girls i met! we gathered at packet pickup for the turkey trot so i could meet another girl who couldnt come with us and then we were off to qdoba. it was cool to hear their stories and compare! i also got to meet up with tiffany for dinner that night! it was soo great to catch up a little bit and hear some normal people drama as compared to some crazy things i have been hearing lately.
me, charlene, and jill, my lunch dates!

i got to sleep in, run some errands, play with my new love and show it off to my parents! at the end of my run friday i was really glad i was resting saturday. im not sure why my body needed it so bad, the no rest tuesday, the not great run, or the 5 days in a row, but it was definitely a good thing to have it. good rest day:) 

totals for the week = 16.63 miles + 2 cross-training days.

while it wasnt exactly the plan, i still was able to get it all in. we are really getting toward the end here and its time to make sure i stay strong all the way to the end. the expo is less than 2 weeks away and with thanksgiving and school this upcoming week, the race will be here before i know it! i will finally get to finish out my experiment and see what happens. stay tuned!

14 days to the vegas rock and roll half marathon!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the 1 year mark.

with all the crazy things that happened in october, my grad school class, and life in general i completely passed by something important. richard and i have now lived in our apartment for 1 whole year together! for a girl who never thought she would live with a boy, this is pretty big. this post is incredibly late and i apologize. so to make up for it, i have put together a list of things that i have realized changed big time or will never change and important live together moments:)
*new traditions are just as fun to create as holding on to old ones.

* we will always, always shop at 2 grocery stores.
you think im kidding...

*traveling somewhere when you live together is so much more fun and conveint when you live together.
we got to go lots of places this year!

*we will never eat completely the same, but we are getting better.
for example this past weekend the only addition i made to the meal was fruit!
*somethings should be kept a secret by experienced couples until you experience them, you would never believe them if they told you.

*you relationship is always a work in progress. if its important enough, you will always find a way to make it work.

 *having different interests is good, but dont forget to compromise sometimes.
*always be there to support each other, even if the other person is wrong in the moment, or you are the only one there, always be on their side.

this has been an amazing first year with so many new adventures and things we have both done. i can only imagine whats in store for this next year! thank you to all those that have been reading about it all here. sharing all of this with other people for the last year has been so fun and i cant wait to keep writing all about everything for this next year. and thank you to my love for being ok with me sharing so many things with the world and for always reading my post the day it comes out! i love you:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the 4 weeks to vegas recap.

with only a few weeks left it is most important now to make sure i get all my training in. sometimes to do that i have to switch things up, and this week i did that all over the place! but i got it all in.

sunday~9 miles.
9.09 miles =1:26:57 minutes/9:33 min/mile.

i finally returned to sunday morning running and could not be happier. i was able to carbo load on saturday night the way i wanted to and able to get out the door when i wanted. with the clocks turned back an hour i was also able to get an extra hour of sleep. it was sooooo cold, i found out later some others took hours to warm up after their long runs. it did give me a dry run on what to expect for my first official winter race though. and that i definitely need more winter running clothes.   
a perfect post long-run breakfast!
(after a nap of course.)
monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =40:30 minutes/8:34 min/mile

our fearless leader debi finally returned this week! we had our biggest group in awhile and i actually felt good keeping up with reggie. the hill up and down almost came easy, almost.  


i gladly took the day off from training after putting in some great miles at the beginning of the week. this was also the day i found out the rest of my week was going to brother was coming home for the weekend and bringing his new girlfriend! we were all going to linner (lunch/dinner) saturday afternoon, then richard and i were planning to go out late that night to go see a dj he liked. i decided then i needed to do my long run saturday instead so i could make sure to get it all in.

wednesday~spin class.
6am spin class   

our class was a little fuller this week! before we know new years will be here and so will the resolutions to lose weight, which means fuller classes. i didnt sweat nearly as much this week but was starving afterwards. always a good sign that you got a good one in:) this seemed to carry through all day. it actually turned out to be a good thing since i was trying a new recipe in the crockpot...macaroni and cheese. omg was it good! pretty rich, i could not make it all the time, but it was delicious.
yum yum!
thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class

walking in the class was super empty, i was shocked. this class is usually packed with regulars and by the time class started it had filled with more people, all new faces. the class was great this week. i felt like i hadnt been in awhile even though i only missed a week. so glad to be back.

friday~4 miles.

with the change up in my long runs i had to squeeze in an extra day of rest and knew that needed to be the day before another long run in the same week. i was sooo glad to take it. school had been kicking my butt in a major way with the midterm due. i pretty much didnt do anything except work, homework, and training. by the time i got home i was so tired i didnt even make dinner, i went to cafe rio for some delicious carbo-loading instead. then i was able to go to bed early. perfect.

11.22 miles =1:46:11 minutes/9:27 min/mile

going to bed at 1015pm made getting up at 5am so much easier. i had to work at 10am so i had to make sure i was up early enough to get in the miles. it was a little warmer today that last sunday after i started. i began feeling good and kept a great tempo the whole way. i was feeling so good that i decided to add an extra mile on to the 10 mile plan. even with the extra mile it was still my fastest long run to date! i seriously felt great and was really glad i could finally add that extra mile.

total for the week = 25.03 miles + 2 days of cross training

these are the kind of weeks you hope for and are so grateful for training to keep the rest of you sane. i think the only way i got through school this week was to have the training to balance it out. i also proved to myself that even when things come up, you are able to get all the things in you need to. i cant believe i only have 1 long run left before the race! it all started to become a little more real when i ordered my race running skirt and it got here 3 days later! its sooo cute and i cant wait to try out the capri skirt:)

21 days to the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the 5 weeks to vegas reacp.

happy few days late halloween! this week i finally caught up on things, at least a little bit. i got back on track somewhat with my posts (check them out here and here if you havent). i was also able to regain some focus in my latest class on law and policy in higher education. if you havent seen my facebook/twitter posts about how much i am seriously not loving this class you are missing out haha. moral of the story is there is a reason i didnt go to law school! i even took an extra day off this week to catch up on some sleep. sometimes you just need to take a day for you:)


this was my last sunday with no running for awhile so i definitely made it worth it. i slept late, made pancakes for breakfast, and then we did halloween things! i carved my pumpkin, which i loved. richard tried to do a really cool one, but it didnt turn out so well. we later on decided to get out of the house for some pizza since it was the last day i could have some. afterwards we did what normal people in vegas do haha, went to the conservatory in the bellagio to see the fall flowers. it is one of my most favorite places on the planet so i am always up for going!
monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =46:45 minutes/9:54 min/mile.

there were only a few of us since it was halloween, but we knew that going in. this weeks pace was a little slower and i felt way stronger. up the hill seemed to actually come without much resistance and i wasnt struggling to catch up with the long-legged boys!
happy halloween!!
tuesday~8 miles.
8.17 miles =1:19:30 minutes/9:43 min/mile.

i had a really great start and was feelin good and then about halfway my body was over it. with the run the night before and just wasnt feelin the whole 8 miles. plus it was much cooler and i dont think my body was ready for that. definitely confirmed my decision to go back to sundays.

6am spin class.

this weeks class was much better than last weeks. the music was way smoother and didnt jump around nearly as much. i think my instructor though has decided she is going to be a 60 minute class i just am not diggin it. i like the 55 minutes. gives you enough time to clean up, put away your bike, and be out the door by 7am. for some reason the 5 extra minutes totally throws me off!
finally cold enough for some real comfort food...
homemade chili and cornbread!
thursday~body pump.
45 minutes arc trainer.

i had my alarm all set and ready to go for body pump class, then i fell back asleep after it went off, waking back up at 6am. oops. i still got up anyway and went and did a machine i used to do all the time that kicked my butt. i did notice though that i have lost/toned in a couple areas because i moved a little different on the trainer! sometimes you just have to punt:)

friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =49:18 minutes/9:28 min/mile.

we were due for a storm later on friday, that meant a very windy early morning run. this also meant i had to break out the sweatshirt for the first time and had a major clothes fail. my upper body was really warm with the extra layer, but my bottom half was freezing in my shorts. i couldnt decide what to wear before i left and this was for sure not the right combo. there was wind going in every direction, it was not a fun run. my body felt really good though and i held a great pace!


i decided today that i was in the mood to window shop. so after sleeping in and richard off to play video games with his friends, i was off to the mall. i was so proud of myself that i only bought 1 super on sale, super cute leather jacket that i have on the lookout for awhile for! im kind of in this in between stage where my old clothes dont always fit (especially my jackets and some sweaters) but dont want to (aka have the extra $$) go buy all new things. so instead i came home to get rid of things instead to see what i really have in my closet before i buy anything new! i was very proud of myself:)
did i seriously need all of these in my closet??

totals for the week = 18.09 miles + 2 days of cross training.

this week i was able to focus on me a little bit more and get back to the path i need to be on. it was also our first real week of fall. yes in the desert we think its a good idea to wait until to november to do these things. this was also the week signaling less than 1 month to the vegas race! ahhh. im startin to get kind of excited. stay tuned to see how this short turn around works out!

28 days to the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

the homecoming.

this post is way beyond overdue! i got caught up in all the things happening in october that i forgot to tell you all about this part. so if you havent read the post about deployment, you might want to start with that one, then continue with this one :)

after we got the amazing news that my brother was coming home i went into countdown mode, surprise, surprise. the problem was we still didnt have an exact date. kyle kept saying i think its this date, but it could be a few before or after. we just kept sticking to the main one and put making final plans (hotel, etc) on hold till it got closer. finally he called one day and said he was officially on his way. he was making the 12,000+ mile trek home and the original date was right.

in the few weeks before it seemed all we did revolved around planning to go down to san diego. when would we leave? who was going? how were we getting kyles truck down there? how long would we stay? where would we stay? every time we got one answered another one came up. then kyle wanted an opinion. and by opinion i mean this is what were really doing. we finally decided we would leave wednesday night after work in dads truck and erik would follow us down in kyles so we could all be there together.  then we could come back to vegas friday morning and kyle would head back to base sunday. he really didnt want to stay in san diego, he wanted to come home.

i think i actually started packing the weekend before! i did start putting things together that were all going down. i had to make signs of course, and tried to remember all the right pieces to take with me. i also had a race coming up literally the next weekend so i had to run while i was down there, so that meant a whole other clothes had to make it in my bag as well. we were also in one of our busiest seasons of the year at work. school was starting the next week so i had all these loose ends to clean up before leaving. once i got to my parents house wednesday night though i was ready to go before i even walked in the door.
we stopped at cafe rio for dinner and didnt even get on the road till darn near 730p. its only a 5 hour drive, but dang we were getting there late. just before we left the house though, kyle called. now up till this point we had no plan. we didnt know when he was going to be released. or where to even go on base. what time to show up. how long we were going to be there. now for me the planner, this was no good. finally kyle was calling from ship, he could see the coastline and said it was the worlds biggest tease because they had to spend one more night on the boat. he told us to be at base between 10 and 11, to see them come in and then they would off turning everything in. he was hoping to be released before 2p.

even though we got to the hotel well after midnight and i only got about 5 hours of sleep in bed i still pulled myself up to run that morning. like i said, long beach was the next week, i had to go. we were staying in carlsbad and i had mapped out 2 routes before we left home so i knew exactly where to go. i decided while running the 1st day that i was moving. we were actually less than a mile to the beach and the whole route was beautiful. i got back in time to see mom who had also gone out for her walk and to start getting ready.
this would motivate me to run every day!
after a quick shower, fixing my broken signs (the damn desert had dried out my paint and it had all chipped off), we were out the door right on time at 915a. carlsbad is fairly close to base, and werent sure exactly how long it would take us so we left with a little extra time. my parents had been to base plenty of times and knew the general direction we were going. kyle had told us that it would be on a parade deck with lots of red pop ups and bounce houses/grills for the families. we thought we missed it so i hopped out at the px to ask some very nice marines if we were headed the right direction. they took off their hats, nodded, and said yes mam:) not even a 1/2 mile down we found were we needed to be.

we parked the trucks in the dirt, grabbed the signs, and headed over. it was right at 10am and werent sure quite what to do. so we wandered around for a little bit. there were lots of families and signs everywhere so we knew we were in the right place! we started to see a marine every once in awhile come out of his own from the far corner. the problem was they all look the same from that far away and i asked my mom how we would ever find him. we staked out a spot in the corner so we could try and spot him if he did.
standard military...hurry up and wait!
i never get one of just my dad and i:)
not even 10 minutes later the whole company started coming in and the announcer over the loud speaker started talking. i kept trying to find kyle and then realized they were marching right toward me and i was about to get run over! i moved back a little and had finally found him in the back row, super close to where i was. when we went to graduation from bootcamp we had to wait FOREVER to actually have him once they marched in. this time they must have known because as soon as the stopped the commander came out, said "all accounted for?" they responded "yes sir!" he said "dismissed." i took off sprinting to him and damn near tackled him as soon as i got there. it is one of the moments i will never forget!
i love the little boy that is so patiently waiting for his dad!
theyre home!!! my brothers:)
kyle, partin, and erik.
mom, dad, and erik were close behind me and there hugs for he and partin (my other brother and his roommate) all around. the hug order had been decided weeks ago after a facebook post that had me ready to shank anyone that got in my way to try and beat me (you think im kidding, ask my mom about the text i sent her about the other people!). the only 2 i would have let were my parents, but kyle wanted to save them for last. we took lots of pictures of course and then boys said they just had to grab clothes, shower, and we could go. we wasted no time! i finally got to see what the barracks looked like (think super small dorm room) and they semi-unpacked. i was sooo glad they showered, because they seriously stunk!
i had to get one more in with my super cool sign!
afterwards we headed up to irvine to phillys best to meet grandpa and myrna who lived literally around the corner. it was sooo crazy to have him really home! i could actually steal fries off his plate and switch halves of our sandwiches like always. we spent the rest of the day hanging around and going to see grandpas next golf cart. we headed back to carlsbad and surprised kyle with eriks dad who had drove down just for dinner! later on we headed to a local brewery where i was designated driver and listened to the boys stories while they drank. i still couldnt believe he was really here.
it was seriously cool!
we all headed back to vegas the next day. the boys had a 96 and were determined to not stay in california, plus uncle thomas was meeting us in vegas. partin joined in too, it was actually his 21st birthday the day they came home! we did the bbq thing at my parents house saturday night after i got off work. the weekend flew by way too fast and the boys were headed back to base way too fast.

he will be stateside for awhile now. he is stationed in california, so not too far away. he was recently home again for a 2-week leave. i saw him a few times, but not nearly enough to make up for the 7 months he was gone. but now i can pick up the phone and call him when i see something funny. or text him ridiculous pictures when i want. deployment was one of the toughest things i have ever been through. i have so much respect for those that do this on a regular basis. thank you to all the troops and their families that keep our country safe!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the october running recap.

total run mileage: 73.94 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 27.52 miles
# runs: 13
# rest days: 15
# xtraining workouts: 4
favorite run: meeting up with debi and the group for her 40-miler. it was a week after long beach and i wasn’t even sure i could do it. i felt great and was able to keep up with the speedy girls up front!
most hardcore run: the long beach ½ marathon! i had a 10-minute pr that day. it just all feel into place for me that morning and i rocked that race. i had to push harder than i ever have before. i also proved to myself that i am a racer, like on a serious peoples level.
current reads:  i finally  finished heart of the matter by emily giffin!  it was soooo good. i got almost to the end and literally could not put it down, as with all of her books. definitely recommend it.
i also started and finished sisterhood everlasting by ann brashares the author of all the traveling pants books. i literally sat down and read it in a week actually in 3 sittings. it fast-forwards 10 years after the last book and its like we never left. omg i could not put it down, it was amazing. and i cried about 4-7 times throughout:)
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: online shopping for my fantasy winter wardrobe. if i had an unlimited budget, oh the things i would buy…
current obsession: pinterest! have you joined?? seriously it is addicting (ill send anyone an invite if you need!).
current drink: water, water, and more water. also gatorade to replenish all the sweat!
current song: country must be country wide by brantley gilbert. (hes pretty cute too!)
current wish-list: fall to really be here! we had a taste last week and it was glorious. we tend to go into fall for about a week then its into winter. one day i will live somewhere with 4 seasons... 
current need: to start making a christmas list. i know that sounds silly! but my list is more than what i want, its things to do, buy for the apartment and others. its an extensive list haha!
current triumph: a 10-minute pr in long beach. im gonna ride that train as long as possible:)
current bane of my existence: the crazy amount of work in my new class. my instructor is kinda mean and really picky. this class also has a discussion and paper due every week. thats a tooonnn of reading.
current goal: to not let the bug in my ear knock me off my game. the bug keeps reminding me how close vegas is and that this is going to be hard. i need to keep it at bay so i can rock this race. #6 here i come!
current indulgence: ice cream! hands down my #1. i got it back after long beach and only had a month to love on it. pizza was a very close 2nd though. 
oh, yum.
current excitement: the holiday season is here! halloween is the official kick off of my absolute favorite time of the year.
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