Thursday, December 20, 2012

the ugly sweater run las vegas 2012.

this last weekend it was finally time for las vegas to host the national ugly sweater running series downtown! i heard about it a few months ago and it sounded like a blast. not timed, snow at the start line-even in vegas they say, sponsored by sam adams, and lots of ugly...i was so in!

so after a week of looking/searching/hunting for an ugly sweater everywhere with no luck of the one i truly envisioned in my head, i met up with my ragnar teammates downtown to compare the ugly! totally unplanned but we all ended up signing up for the race and found out a few days before, which of course meant we were all starting together. it was so fun to see them all again and outside a van! it was dang cold saturday morning and i was glad for the untimed thing. i had already done my long run of 8 miles earlier in the morning, yay for an 11am start time, and was ready to just enjoy the run. we gathered a few extra friends along the way and headed to the start line after pictures of course!
we had all run the course quite a few times with other races, theres only so many ways to run downtown, so we settled in fairly quickly with runners at our own pace. i stayed back with yumi, michele, and a new recruit holly chatting about upcoming races and why do we always think this is such a good idea until we all show up. there were a few sights along the course but not quite as many as promised. i wont lie, i was a little disappointed there was no sledding like advertised.
there was a couple of turnarounds throughout the course and i saw lots of people i knew! my parents, my physical therapist and his wife, some friends from work, my boss and her whole family, to the point where my teammates asked why i knew so many people haha! at one point holly and i lost michele and yumi and decided to just take on the rest of the course on our own. there was snow at the finish line on the way into the post-run party!

we headed to the beer tent once everyone had crossed and started shivering together since all of a sudden it decided to actually be winter in the desert. there was also an ugly sweater contest, a place to take pictures, and hot chocolate for all! it was a blast and im so glad i got to see my teammates again:) ps we are already working on our costumes for next year!

*i was chosen as a brand ambassador for the ugly sweater run. this recap and other opinions are all my own. i did receive 4 free entries from the racing series and this little gem that won me the ugly sweater contest at work this week...

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Megan said...

That's so awesome! So jealous you got to do the Ugly Sweater Run.

Also - had no idea you were a race ambo! So awesome! You go girl - and LOVE that sweater. :)

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