Friday, July 19, 2013

the #mcm training plan.

i mentioned awhile back that i got a little crazy and decided to sign up for a full marathon. because i had to sign up so early i didnt really have to get things going for a bit. well a few months have gone by meaning it is time to actually train for it!
so in normal katy beth fashion i made a color-coded/daily/multi column excel document to get ready for it all just about after i signed up. the only problem is that i did it on my computer at work in vegas and sent myself the wrong document home so i completely lost it the week i was supposed to start. not good. freak out commenced and so did a whole new search to rebuild. 4th of july was a little touch and go for awhile there haha. but in rebuilding i actually realized i was starting 1 week early so i gained a little extra time, phew. without further ado here it is...


i went with a 16 week plan after consulting with a few seasoned friends given my current level and running experience. definitely wouldnt go any less then that for my 1st, did consider going for a 20 week. but to be honest that was a little more overwhelming. the 16 week sounded like a good in the middle option. i am keeping the cross-training for sure! i always notice such a big difference when i do or dont have it in there. also i am keeping the 2 rest days per week. i did the 1 rest during triathlon training last year and i just felt like it wasnt enough, especially at the end when training got really heavy. you have to take time to recover!

i looked through a lot of plans and did some serious comparing. some had a lot more miles per week while others had more days. i went with something more in the middle as to not overwhelm my psychy or body. making this jump from the half marathon to the full marathon is going to be tough enough. and i really want it to be a good training experience!

while i am running all these miles you can help too!! remember i am also fundraising through the wounded warrior project:) they are a truly great organization helping our men and women everyday through all kinds of situations. anything you can donate will go fully to them and i will love you forever:) dont worry, there will be lots of opportunity to donate! so here goes the beginning!

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Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Wow! Impressive goals and spreadsheet. Way to go! :) Good luck with your training and fundraising.

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