Monday, May 9, 2011

the photo shoot.

awhile back a friend of ours, jesi lee, asked if we would be models in helping to expand her portfolio.  i was instantly excited, i have always wanted to have professional photos outside of a studio.  but wasnt sure if richard would be equally excited.  so you can imagine my happy surprise when he instantly said yes!  we quickly worked out the details with jesi and reserved our date for 3 weeks out.  this of course meant that we got to go shopping:)  we had decided to go with black tees and jeans with pink as an accent color.  richard actually chose pink.

we had agreed on lake las vegas, one of my favorite places, on a sunny saturday afternoon.  the weather was fantastic with just the right amount of breeze.  we stopped by jesi's house to grab her on the way.  she dove into shooting as soon as we got there.  in the beginning it was a little awkward, i wont lie.  neither one of us had ever had a professional photo shoot and wasnt sure how to look like we were acting normally. 

all photos from:  jesi lee photography

after the first few shots and moving to a few different locations we both lightened up fairly easily.  it was a really fun day.  jesi laughed and joked with us the whole time, making it super easy to go with the flow.
 love, love.

the way she photoshopped these pics makes them even better!  i love the soft light she added and all the touch up she did.  and it was all so fast!  we had photos on facebook (of course) the next evening.  

richards favorite.

 one of my favorites!
 this was actually the place of our first "real" date.  also the night that richard asked me to be his girlfriend.

everyone that has seen these pictures has absolutely gushed!  they came out amazing.  anytime you need more models jesi, you just let us know!  thank you so much for the opportunity.  now we have perfect practice for the future:)

dont forget...jesi lee photography.  check out all her fantastic shoots!  or become a fan on facebook. 


celenne said...

Love them you guys look great! And happy!

Aunt Nettie said...

What beautiful pictures. She's very talented and you two are great subjects.

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