Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the runniversary.

today is my official 2 year runniversary! i can't believe 2 years has gone by so fast. as soon as you tell people that you run one of their 1st questions is why and the 2nd is usually how did you even get started?? let's begin with the 2nd one...

growing up i was a very athletic kid. i started playing soccer in the 2nd grade and never looked back. it helped me figure out who I was at a very young age. i played club soccer in california and when we moved to las vegas when I was in 6th grade it was a great way to make friends and find a place to fit it. i was never the star, but i was consistent. when i was 12 the many practices, games, and tournaments began to catch up with me and my knees started having a lot of pain. after a few doctor visits i found out i had osgood-schlatter disease in both knees. very common in young athletes, it means you body is growing faster than your muscles, and the tendons are now pressing on your knee caps. with this experience i began learned how important it is to take care of your body. i went back to playing pretty quickly and backed off when i needed too.

once starting high school i had a while new world open up to me in the way of sports, and i dove right in started immediately playing hs tennis while still playing club soccer.
yep, im the one with the awkward (and uneven) shinguard tan.
i had also started referring young kids soccer on the weekends when i didn't have games and i was one of the weird kids that actually did things in pe because i was so active everywhere else. then hs soccer only during the winter. but when spring rolled around i stared track, while still playing club ball, referring, and pe 5 days a week. it didnt last long. i began having really awful pain in my left knees and finally convinced my parents it was way more than last time. finally the doctor diagnosed me with patellar tendinitis, fallen arches, and my knee cap was falling to the outside of my knee. this meant no more sports, cold turkey, and physical therapy 2 times a week.

thinking back now, im not really sure i ever really got back into things after that. it took the wind out of my sails a little bit and i wasnt really sure what do after that. i started playing indoor soccer with a fantastic all womens team in which i was the youngest by far. i showed up on monday nights every week and played for an hour and went home. i didnt have to worry about practices or politics or whos friends with who this week. i met some amazing women there. i left during my sophmore year of high school to move to arizona and didnt really ever find a fitness groove.  i put on weight and didnt know how to motivate myself.

fast forward to may 2009, right about 2 years later. my best friend tiffany and i went out on a whim and traveled to nashville, tenessee to visit a very good friend, jp. he and tiffany met in a bar randomly about a year before. i had met him also in a bar when he came to visit las vegas for a bachelor party and kept saying we should come visit.

that trip changed my life. it had always been a secret dream to complete a 1/2 marathon. talking with jp and understanding why he runs, he helped me see that life doesnt have to be perfect for me to start something like that. i came home the very next day and started running. it was one of the hardest things to start. i was really sore for quite a few days. and then it started to just fall into place.

i completed my 1st race on august 15th. police and fire 10k
i finished in 1:03:39!! it was my warmup for the real races. it totally started a new a chapter in my life. and so began my 1/2 marathon craziness.

long beach, california
october 11th, 2009

having a fantastic support team is extremely important:)
 finished in 2:17:20!  i was totally addicted after this!!  this race changed everything, i realized that this was something i could do. and not just once, but over and over until i was done.

orlando, florida
march 7th, 2010

 finish in 2:14:35!! with this race i learned not to take training for granted. i slacked big time in this race, and i paid for it equally as big. this was however one of the funnest races i have ever seen. it taught me you can have a blast and race at the same time. if you ever get the chance to do a disney race you must do it! and dont forget to take a camera, you will regret it if you dont.

anaheim, california
september 5th, 2010

 finished in 2:20:33!! this extra 6 minutes for pictures with all the disney princesses, mary poppins, jesse, and running through angel stadium was totally worth it. i got back to focusing on myself and even gaining the weight i did with the protein shake, i learned to listen to my body.

nashville, tenessee
april 30th, 2011

only runners think this is funny:)

finished in 2:13:22!! this race was a huge win for me. i returned to where it all started, i set a new pr (personal record), and really figured out how to balance my life. i didnt let training take over my life like it had in the past. i lost the weight i gained last time plus a little extra, thanks to the help of calorie counting. this was the toughest and best spectated race i have ever run.

running has absolutely changed my life. i have become so much more confident in myself and centered in my life. i am willing to take new risks. i have become so much healthier. i have met fantastic people. i have entered a whole new world of running. and now people are actually asking for my opinion on their training plans. it can take you to see places you never thought it would.

with the answer to the 2nd question... i run to be a better me. i run to be whole.

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