Monday, July 18, 2011

the next step.

four years ago when i graduated college i pretty much vowed i would never go back for my masters. i was done with the homework, and the tests, and the study groups, and the late nights that often turned into the all nighters. the real issue on top of all of that though, was that i had no idea what i would go back for. i started working in the field of my degree a few months after graduation and realized that was not what i wanted to do forever. it was a great job and company and i learned a ton, but it was not me for the long haul.
my family! class of 2007.
when i made the return to higher education i knew that was where i needed to be there. it was the field i loved and believed in whole heartedly. almost immediately after starting so many people i worked with told me i needed to go back to school. and i fought it hardcore! i just wasnt ready and hated the fact that people were pushing me.

at the beginning of this year i began doing some soul searching. i knew that i had finally found the right field and could see myself in it for the long term, but was i ready for the next step? i had so many thoughts going through my head along the way. do i really want to go online? can i fit all of this in? do i have to give up running? do i wait until i can get on a campus and complete my program there?

i consulted a few friends that were in a program similar and talked a lot to richard about really doing this. then i finally came to the decision on my own that i needed to and was ready to go back to school. i realized i may never have so many things line up at the same time. i am settled in a job, i dont have kids, i have a company willing to help me complete my masters, and i am still young. i could enroll in an online program and complete it in a year and a half.

once i made the decision i was ready to start i wanted to get going right away. i had to submit an intent and get approved all the way back in march. then i had to sit around and wait. and wait. and wait. i second guessed my decision. and thought about pulling out. then i got super frustrated about waiting. then i was so ready i thought i was going to burst. i kept the going back secret to myself for the most part. i told my parents who laughed a lot because they were right. i discussed it a lot with richard who was totally gun ho. i talked with my boss who hopped right on board. a few coworkers who were also going. and a few friends. the reactions were super supportive for the most part. i definitely had some nay-sayers along the way. but the positive reinforcement was so much larger!

so i can now officially say i am a grad student! i began classes on june 30th and havent looked back since (yes i realize thats only a few weeks). my classes are 7 and a half weeks long with the rest of the week off to make them a total of 8 weeks and there are 10 of them. i will officially be done in january 2013 if i stay on track. i will graduate with a master of art in education in higher and postsecondary education. check out the link to the argosy university website to check out all the details. i cant wait to dive more into my program and get into some specialized classes. i think this program is perfect for me and what i want to do in life. i want to make a difference and work with students. not necessarily on the beginning front of a college, but while they are in school and "growing up."

the first days of the first week were a little touch and go. there was soo much work in a few short days. and it took me awhile to get settled and figure out where everything is online. i am starting with intro to higher and postsecondary education, basically the 101 version of my program. its a great start!

and yes, i do get to graduate for those curious. mostly my dad:) i get to pick a ground campus that has my program and graduate there. so lets see where should we go...san francisco? seattle? la? hawaii? dallas? atlanta? the possibilities are endless and i cant wait for this feeling again...

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