Sunday, July 31, 2011

the week 8 recap.

so after consulting a few friends i have decided to add a little bit more running to my blog, let the cheers begin! i am currently in training for 1/2 marathon #5 in pomona, california. i will let you in on the full training plan in a later post. today wraps up week #8 in an 18 week training program.

monday~4-5 miles
5.12 miles =53 minutes/10:21 min/mile

during this training cycle i have learned the value of a running group. i joined a local henderson group called the sin city roadrunners. i actually joined the week after i got back from nashville, tn which was only their 2nd week, so it was perfect timing. now this group has ever aspect of runner from the super fasties doing a 6 minute mile to me in the back with 10 minute miles. each week that i go they try to make me sign up for another race haha! its definitely cool though, to listen to their 1/2 iron man and triathlon and winning 1/2 marathon stories.
just a little group this week.
tuesday~body pump1 hour head to toe weight workout

this week i got to take my dad to body pump! definitley the most rewarding workout of the week. i personally love this class. i started to add this into my training toward the end of my 1st training cycle and make sure i get it in every week. plus its nice to have someone else kick my butt once a week. i took my mom once and she pretty much swore she would never go again. my dad got back into a (semi)workout plan and was getting pretty bored with his (semi)regular workouts, so he told me he wanted to try body pump. he told me it was going to be easy since he worked out (semi)regularly with weights. well we went and shannon (my favorite body pump teacher) kicked his ass! it was a great class and he struggled big time, exactly what i was hoping for. but he told me he wanted to go back! he definitely hung with the big dogs.


thursday~5 miles
4.2 miles =41 minutes/9:45 min/mile

i had planned 5 miles for thursday and 4 for friday to end out the week. then wednesday night i got lazy on my way home and went to mcdonalds to pick up dinner instead of coming home and cooking. big mistake once the thursday morning workout came along. about 2 miles in i started to feel really awful. the heat was kicking my butt and the dinner from wednesday night was not settling well. so i turned in a mile early so i didnt make myself sick, definitely the best idea.
sorry body:(
friday~4 miles
5.31 miles =53:44 minutes/ 10:07 min/mile

after the not great run the day before i was determined to make this a better one. i started a little earlier so it was a few degrees cooler and began a little slower to make sure my body didnt freak out. it was a great run, nice to not worry about times and pace but about how my body felt. plus it was great start to the weekend!

i like to make my weekends rest days so i can have a life outside of running and work:) i will sign up for races on the weekend but i try to keep my trainings to the weekdays.


total for the week = 14.63 miles + 1 cross training.

this was my last 4 days a week training. next week starts the 5 days a week plan, eekk! my race is officially in 69 days! its going to be nice to get back into racing. plus that will begin my 3 races in 15 weeks!

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