Monday, October 8, 2012

the 2 weeks to nwm recap.

well it is officially race week here!!! which also means we are officially in taper and carb load mode, 2 of my favorite parts of racing hehe :) this time next week i will be snuggled in my san francisco hotel with bff and bf probably sore as all get out and loving it. ok, im getting ahead of myself! back to this last week!


these sundays are the best when you can just sleep as long as you want and then have nothing going on for the day. love it:)

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 43:25 minutes/9:11 min/mile

we actually had a decent size group this week, there were 6 of us! thats big for our monday nights in the last few months. temperatures are finally getting nice and that usually brings out some extra runners. after my major hip last week jen was sure to not let that happen again, she had us flyin up that damn hill! it was great and i felt really good after:)

yay 6 people!

1 hour of pt

i havent been sleeping super great lately so i decided to skip body flow this week since i was going to pt anyway. and i got great news...if i was feeling this strong on thursday i could be cleared!! just in time for nike and i was crossing a lot of limbs haha.

wednesday~4 miles.
4.11 miles = 37:22 miles/9:05 min/mile

felt the need for a little bit differnt route so i took little pieces of a few i do and was able to put them together for the 4 miles. it has been so nice lately not run with the wind, but i should have known that wouldnt last long! i swear it only blows when it can be in my face for the little bit of incline on the way home. well at least some things never change haha.

thursday~body pump.
1 hour of pt

apparently i decided that pt was going to be my cross-training this week! sometimes you just need more sleep and this was 1 of those weeks. this time at pt though i got to talk quite a bit with ron about running long term, it was so helpful! we talked training plans and mileage and the time commitment it really takes to do all these things. then i got some excercises and direction now that i am finished with pt and was on my way! hard to believe im really done. i cant thank ron enough for all the help and encouragement he gave me while i was doing all this! officially cleared:)


a full day of work and car service later i gladly took the rest day:)

saturday~4 miles.
6.52 miles = 58:48 minutes/9:01 min/mile

just when i thought i could skip the 5am wake up call i volunteered to go in early to help with an event. that meant i was still up at 5am even without a big distance, dang it. i had long ago decided i was going to do more than 4 so i had a perfect 6 miles laid out. then i got to about 3 miles and saw how dark it was on the part of the road i needed to go on next and decided to adapt the route (safety 1st people!!). that meant adding a 1/2 mile more which really wasnt the biggest deal ever. however i was sooo friggin sore afterward. i mean like i should have run at least 10 to be that sore. luckily i was wondering around a lot at work and by the time i was off at 230p i was feeling back to normal.

totals for the week = 15.35 miles + 2 sessions of pt.

my last full training week is in the books!! that was the start of taper, now we get to go full force. only a few training days and then off to board the plane!

6 days to the nike womens 1/2 marathon!!!

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