Monday, October 1, 2012

the september 2012 running recap.

total run mileage: 72.88 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 19.99 miles
# runs: 11
# rest days: 15
# xtraining workouts: 4
# pt sessions : 8
favorite run: my hilly 9 miler with jenn! somehow i convinced her running at 5am on hills was a good idea haha. it was my first long run with a friend ever and im so glad i finally broke that streak! seriously, such a blast to have someone to run with.
most hardcore run: my flat 10 miler. which should sound a lot easier than it should have been. i took a few extra days off that week after i lost a toenail tuesday night and for some reason that meant that distance was tough. im pretty sure it was all in my head which sometimes i think plays more tricks on her mind than just about anything else.
current reads: it happened again:( all my homework should be no excuse for not reading anything outside of schoolwork. i promise, october is going to be the one i get back on reading track!
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: the creamer i add to my coffee hehe. joanie really tried to break me of this one and i do have more days that i add almond milk rather than creamer. but i just cant give this one all the way up!
in one of my favorite cups:)
current obsession: stalking the shelves for anything pumpkin. see even though its still hitting 100* a few times a week here, everywhere else it is fall. which means i am starting to see TONS of pumpkin pictures from all over the place and i am ready for it here.
current drink : same as august, lots of water!
current song: pontoon by little big town. its the perfect song to send off summer!
current wish-list: some extra cash to buy new running clothes. not really cause i need them, but cause i want them:) who says no to new clothes?!
current need: the weather to cool so i can wear boots! ooooh im so ready to bust them out of my closet!!
its fall time inside, now it needs to be outside too!
current triumph: my final results from joanie!! in case you missed them…
17 pounds lost! (its now 18)
43 inches have disappeared!
29% body fat->19% body fat!
current bane of my existence: that racing is expensive! i have been compiling a life bucket list lately and a race bucket list and man do those races start to really add up! ok, so the actual race really isnt that expensive but the travel and staying wherever definitely adds up quickly. we should start a runner exchange in peoples houses, where you can switch places for race weekends to save on cost! if that wasn’t potentially so creepy or scary i would be all over it haha.
current goal: keep up the great things i started with joanie. its actually been easier to stick on the plan than i thought. but now its about planning for the long term. i can do this!
yum!! i miss these healthy
meals when i dont have them.
current indulgence: my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies i baked the other day! they are low fat with no butter or oil. if i can fit them in my daily food i am definitely having one!
current excitement: the san francisco trip is planned! richard and i sat down last weekend and decided on the things we want to do after the family leaves. so we are officially all ready! we tried to leave things open a bit the whole weekend so if we see something we really want to add we dont have to sacrifice anything.


Megan said...

Awesome month, lady! I totally agree about the runner house exchange... depending on location, it's TOTALLY do-able! :)


Richard said...

Soon we will be in a place where there will actually be a fall season :)

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Awesome month Katy Beth! I am seriously impressed with your updates about your nutrition plan - way to go!!!

I wish race travel was cheaper too! It's no longer about physically completeing the race, its about paying for the trip haha

Betsy said...

Love this type of recap! I may have to steal this for use on my blog!

~*katy beth*~ said...

thanks guys!! it was quite the month:)

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