Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the december 2012 running recap.

total run mileage: 101.55 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 26.72 miles
# runs: 18
# rest days: 14
# xtraining workouts: 2 <-oops, again.
favorite run: a big tie between the ugly sweater run that was a blast and my 5 miler with jen on christmas eve filled with girl talk! both were so fun and just felt good for the soul:)
most hardcore run: the sadisticly hilly run i did at my grandparents house. holy oh my goodness! we are talking totally straight uphill people.
current reads: half fun/half school book my boss suggested. i need to finish it so i can find out what happens!  
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: yummy, sugary coffee. i was supposed to stop drinking it december 1st but that just didn’t happen. its not very often, but i have met quite a few friends that ive been meeting for coffee lately so ive had some extras. its just so delicious:/
current obsession: grad party planning! picked a place yesterday and now i just need to finalize plans with the manager today. then i can order all the fun party supplies! im so super excited.
current drink: water and more water. finally back to the good things!
current song: two black cadillacs by carrie underwood. i tell you, hell hath no furry like carrie underwood scorned.
current wish-list:
·         get my 2013 race calendar together. after surf city i don’t really have a lot of plans. although i think i may have committed to a few yesterday!
·         find clothes that fit. that includes work clothes, everyday clothes, and running clothes. hey it’s a wishlist right?!
·         to let it go. it doesn’t mean im a bad person or that the other is either. it just means i need to cut ties where they need and move on.
current need: to stay focused for the next 11 days until my class is over! there are so many distractions this time of the year, but i cant forget about it just yet.
current triumph: having the whole family home for christmas:) having a brother in the military you never really know, but we were so blessed this year!
current bane of my existence: im gonna say it again…my final paper. its 30 pages people, really?! 30 pages. its due january 9th  and that’s getting closer and closer. i really feel that im almost done, but not quite. plus it is always in the back of my mind till its finished!
current goal: to start making my new years resolution actually happen. it’s a little vague, and can include a few different angles if i wanted. that’s why i like it. i can tweak it as i go!
current indulgence: christmas cookies…ooooo yum!
current excitement: the fresh start 2013 is hopefully going to give me! i am in definite need of one and it is time to start a new chapter in my life:)


Megan said...

WOOT for 100-mile months! Love this post.

My 2013 race plan is totally up in the air, minus Surf City, Publix Half and NWMDC. Holler if you're interested in a trip out east. :)

Caroline @ Fighting For Wellness said...

my brother is in the military too, and he got to come home for Christmas as well! I appreciate any holiday where we're all together much more now!

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