Sunday, December 18, 2011

the 7 weeks to tinkerbell recap.

i actually realized it was really christmas this week! i was able to get a lot of shopping done and its finally cold around here. i even decided to do a local santa 5k on saturday to really get in the spirit! with that i kept my training to 4 days this week just to give my body one more day to recover and it was the first week in my new class so i had to learn to juggle.
coal popcorn? hilarious!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 42:55 minutes/9:05 min/miles.

back to the runner group! it was cold all day and rain was threatening, plus there were only 4 of us this week. my friend sandy came from work to join us just as the rain started when we headed out. this was my first rain-time run! it was actually kinda cool and definitely different. we chatted a lot about our stories from the race and where we were all headed next. i really liked being back with the group!

tuesday~5 miles.

after deciding to run the 5k plus miles on saturday i knew i was going to get my long run in and tuesday just wasnt going to happen. my body was still recovering and needed the extra day of rest. it was not going to take 4 days in a row of training well haha.

6am spin class.

this week my class was actually really good! the music was good and even festive. the instructor seemed to find a groove finally and really make the sweat good!

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class.

man oh man did this class make me sore! i havent been there for a few weeks and i definitely paid for it in my muscles the next day. this cycle was a little different than the last time i was there and it was nice for the change.

friday~4 miles.

had to rest up for the 5k saturday!

come run with santa 5k = 26:56 minutes/8:41 min/miles
3.5 miles = 33:15 minutes/9:25 min/miles.

it was a super cold morning and my goal was just to run to keep warm. i met jill at the start line and was definitely one of the only ones dressed up, oh well. i had run this course a few times, so i knew what i was getting into, its not the funnest course ever i wont lie. i did notice i am in much better condition than when i ran it in june because the course came pretty easy and i was actually able to pass people! i saw the crazy fasties which included the gorman kids (our mortal high school enemy) on my 2nd loop and could not even imagine running at their speed. i finished strong and almost near the front part of the pack, a new feeling for me. i knew it wasnt a pr but it was a really strong run for me:) i caught up with jill after and we waited around for the awards trading war stories from vegas and both scoring 3rd place in our age group!
afterward we said our goodbyes and i called mom to let her know i was headed out for my next couple miles to meet them for breakfast. i never understood how people could add another few miles after doing a 5k or why they would want too. now i get it! the 5k was a great start but i need to get in miles for my training week. i kept on my silly outfit and played christmas music all the way there. it was actually kind of a fun way to get in the 6.5 miles i wanted for the day, plus i had the promise of breakfast at the end!

totals for the week = 11.35 miles + 2 days of cross training.

i felt good this week and was glad i listened to my body and took an extra day. next week though i need to make it to 5 days of training! 

42 days to the tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!!!

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