Thursday, December 1, 2011

the november running recap.

total run mileage: 92.64 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 27.69 miles
# runs: 14
# rest days: 8
# xtraining workouts: 8
favorite run: the 12k turkey trot. it was my 1st one and my 1st trail run. it was nice to have a different distance than the standard 5k or 10k. plus there were finisher medals, who doesn’t love some new bling!
 most hardcore run: my 10 miler that turned into 11! that one just felt sooo good. i was able to push my body hard and it responded so well. plus i got to refuel with maggianos that night, how can you go wrong:)
current reads: i started hope in a jar by beth harbison, and then school and life took over. its really good, it’s the 2nd book by her that ive read. must get back to fun reading!
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure:i told you all about my new pinterest obsession last month. well now i literally could just sit around and "pin" all these things on what i want my life/home/closet/wedding/body to be someday. it leads to a lot of day-dreams!
current obsession: my new ipad!!!! i am soooo in love. seriously i want to play on it all the time. and so does richard:)
current drink: water, water, water. and gatorade!
current song: moves like jagger by maroon5 and christina aguilera. arent you impressed its not a country song haha!
current wish-list: new running gear. all of a sudden i want it all! i think part of it is the change in weather, finally, it’s a little slower in the desert. i am also in serious need of adding a few things. i did pick up a few long-sleeves on black friday so that was a good start, but more is always good hehe.
current need: black flat boots. i have fury ones that i love, but sometimes i want a ones that are a little classier. black friday i found some great ones at jcp but of course by the time we got there they were out of my size. ps im a 9:)
current triumph: sticking to my training plan! i know this sounds like something that should be rather easy, but with the holidays and family coming into town, plus school and life it was tough this month. i am also still in my experiment of doing 2 ½ marathons so close together (8 weeks apart) so the fact that i have been able to get this all in is a big accomplishment for me.
current bane of my existence: my current class! its law and policy in higher education and could not be more boring. and yes it is the same one i complained about in the october recap haha! plus my teacher is super mean (yes i said that about a grad school class) and nit picky about everything. i cant wait to finish on the 8th!
current goal: i have a secret goal for vegas, im just not ready to put it out there for everyone to see yet. its one of those if i say it out loud it might not come true.
current indulgence: everything pumpkin. and i mean anything. creamer, bread, cake, muffins, pie. seriously one of my favorite parts of fall is that we start adding pumpkin to anything.
current excitement: vegas is only 3 days away!! there is such a huge buzz in vegas and in the runner world about this race and i am soooo glad i decided to do it. even if that meant pushing myself, its good to go out of your comfort zone from time to time. 

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jessica said...

love, love, love
oh and baskin robbins even has pumpkin ice cream, hope they still have it cause now i want some :)

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