Saturday, December 31, 2011

the december running recap

total run mileage: 66.9 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 22.52 miles
# runs: 10
# rest days: 15
# xtraining workouts: 6
favorite run: the come run with santa 5k plus miles! i got to run with antlers and fun argyle socks, how could that not be fun?? plus i placed 3rd in my age group!
most hardcore run: the rock and roll vegas half marathon for sure. 2nd one in 8 weeks made it something that was really an accomplishment plus to be able to push through 44,000 of my closest friends and still score a pr, wow.
current reads: i finished hope in a jar by beth harbison! it was super good, definitely recommend:)
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure:
current obsession: christmas! decorations, holi-dates, traditions, lights, anything to do with my favorite time of the year!
current drink: water and sweet tea hehe.
current song: last christmas by wham! it’s the time of the year when these type of songs should only be played:)
current wish-list: things for my england adventure! im hoping for some good sales on wintery items so i can stock up on things i need to hop the pond in march.
current need: to make some race decisions for 2012. i have a couple planned out but have quite a few lulls in the in between. it is only the 1st month, i know they’ll come:)

current triumph: continuing to train through the holidays! i know this sounds silly but this is the 1st year i have actually done it, and done it well.
current bane of my existence: not so drastic, but i am a little surprised at my low mileage this month. i did miss a few days from being sick and my body was loud and clear when i needed an extra rest day, but that seem very far from previous months. looks like january is going to have to kick it up a notch!
current goal: keep with my scheduled training plan. the previous 2 weeks were tough on my body and while i need to take the time to take care of it, i also do need to make sure i am getting all my training in for tinkerbell.
current indulgence: all things christmassy. cookies, 1 glass of eggnog, peppermint, and chocolatey goodness.
current excitement: the new year! i cant believe its 2012 and january is here.

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