Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the january running recap.

total run mileage: 81.67 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 21.33 miles
# runs: 12
# rest days: 12
# xtraining workouts: 7
favorite run: the tinkerbell ½ marathon of course! the miles ticked by and i got to take pictures with some of my most beloved disney characters, how could it be anything but my favorite;)
princess heaven :)
most hardcore run: it was only a 4+ miler, but hands down the one i ran 2 days into the new year. awful might be an understatement. i was majorly feeling the effects of my new years eve partying and remembered why i have changed my life for the better and made the adjustments to running. it reminded me why i do what i do and the reason i eat the way i do.
current reads:  eeek! i didn’t read anything this month. well as long as the research articles and textbooks don’t count.
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: hot chocolate. since cutting out ice cream and not having fun coffee this seems to be makes its way into my cups more often. it’s a happy medium that probably shouldn’t be there, but i let it anyway:)
current obsession: our new wall decal! its sooo cute and i have been dying for one to decorate the bedroom for a long time. i was pretty sure richard wasn’t going to love the idea, but he actually picked this one and wants to buy more for other rooms!
seriously love.
current drink: this month it was all about water and gatorade.
current song: ours by taylor swift. have you seen the video, seriously so good!
current wish-list: a new camera. i bought my current one about 4 ½ years ago and it really is time for a new one. i was hoping to purchase one before i leave for england, but its just not quite in the budget. 
current need: to make decisions haha. im toying around with some races and need to just decide. oh the inward battle of a runner :)
current triumph: my rockin time at tinkerbell! im riding this wave as long as possible:)
current bane of my existence: the feeling of not having any me-time. i have rest days planned in and i take them gladly but they seem to fill up quickly with all the things i cant always do during the week. some weeks i feel like i am just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. maybe in february i can find some space for my own time:)
current goal: to break in my new running shoes! i had to finally buy new shoes and they showed up when i got back from tinkerbell. i don’t really have a training plan yet for my next thing (whatever that may be) so i just want to have fun breaking them in.
current indulgence: mug cakes. seriously, have you tried them yet? so good and easy!
current excitement: officially finishing all 3 races in 16 weeks successfully. i didn’t have to walk, or scale back, or cut something out to make them happen, i just did it. and keeping a real life around it. i know that sounds silly, but sometimes this can be all encompassing and i was determined not to let and was successful:)

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