Sunday, February 26, 2012

the rage week 3 recap.

this week marks 1/4 of the way through training! now i know that doesnt sound like a lot, but i promise you it is. im learning a lot about this kind of training which is totally different than anything i have ever done and how my body is really going to react. this is the cool part about training for something new, you find out so many things about your body and yourself.

i literally did not leave the house and the only time i got out of my pjs was to take a shower and put a different pair on. last week kicked my ass in a major way and my 12+ hours of sleep was the only cure :)

monday~500m am swim. 4-5 mile pm run.
600m swim
5.12 miles = 47:12 minutes/9:13 min/mile

the swim was nice and easy before work, much better than last mondays, thank goodness. kept it simple and actually felt a little bit more comfortable. the pool at my gym is 25m so i tried to take smaller breathers at then and make it more like 50m to try and up the distance.
brian finally joined us this week and i got to hear all about he and derricks crazy races coming up on saturday. derrick did the spartan race in miami (an 8 mile obstacle course that sounds insane) and brian was doing a 12 hour race at the state park (see how many miles you can run in 12 hours, person with the most is the winner). having a race (the color run) coming up as well it was cool to just talk about it with the guys. plus i kept them laughing about my 1st day on the bike and what was i thinking signing up for the olympic distance at rage. it was a good run.

tuesday~800m swim.
900m swim

i was suppper late getting up and raced to the gym to hop in the pool before it gets busy. i found my groove pretty easy and the meters just seemed to tick off. i am now over 1/2 way! this is a big deal only 3 weeks in for me:)
6am spin class

we didnt go as far this week as last week and i am sooo excited for new music next week. i am seriously hoping that means a new routine because this one was old and tired. 
after work i went to pick up our team packets for the color run! it was crazy at fleet feet with people everywhere. the store was on the other side of town which meant i had a great excuse to finally visit pita pit near unlv on my way home. i have a slight food obsession with this place since i went to school at nau, its kind of an institution there. literally everytime i roll into town its the 1st place i want to go. i was ecstatic when i heard they opened one in vegas. i have to say not as good, but it filled the craving for now.
yum. yum. yum.
thursday~500m swim. body pump.
600m swim
6am body pump class 

wow a 5am swim is early. i tried working on my breathing, which kind of worked, taking less breaks in between meters. the whole time though it seemed like my legs and arms were quite in sync. but i shaved a few minutes off my time anyway!
class this week was pretty empty, we did have a sub. i keep thinking this release is going to get a little easier and it never does. especially after a swim, dang.

friday~10 mile bike.
10.12 miles biked = 50 minutes/12.1 mph
2.03 miles ran = 17:12 minutes/8:28 min/mile

could not have been a rockier start to this ride. my seat was too high and after stopping and trying to put my foot down to readjust i fell right outside my complex:/ no scrapes or bruises, just a hurt pride and shaken confidence. this meant every time a car even came close i freaked a little more. i took my bike home and lowered the seat just a tiny bit and felt better. took the ride a little slower, played with the gears a little more, and dressed a little warmer this week.
i decided the night before i wanted to try and run afterward just a tiny bit to see how it was. im pretty sure i figure out what sea legs feel like, i was pretty wobbly at first. took it slow, my body made sure of that. cant lie though, i was a little disappointed when i saw my time upon arriving home. however, i thought the loop around our apartment was only 1.5 miles so it was a pleasant surprise to see the 2 pop up on dailymile! made my time feel way better. 

saturday~the color run.
3.1 miles = 32:00 minutes/10:19 min/mile

my friend sandy had told me about this race months ago and it only took 1 video to get richard and my parents on board with us! it would be richards 1st 5k ever i couldnt be more excited. look out tomorrow for all the pictures and fun. but seriously if there is one in your town, or anywhere close go online and register right now!! the most fun i have ever had at a race ever! 
the color bandits before.
the color bandits 3.1 miles later!
totals for the week = 2100m swam+28.12mi biked+10.25mi run

i was really glad this week mixed in some fun and new kinds of racing. its good to mix things up a little bit.  i also started to think about getting some better recovery tools for in between workouts. my body is supposed to be tired and adjusting still, but not this much. time to start researching and looking at my whole schedule (work, school, and life included) in areas to adjust. 

54 days to the rage triathlon!!!


Megan said...

I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THE COLOR RUN! Yep... that excited. :)

1/4 of the way there, you got this girlie!

~*katy beth*~ said...

you should be! cant wait to hear about it in another city:)

and thank you! its kicking my butt, i know its worth it thou!

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