Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the day of mushy, gushy love stuff

happy valentines day! i know it was yesterday but i couldn't tell you all about the day before it happened, duh. we did an extended day of love because of work schedules and it being on a tuesday. which was of course is ok with me :)

we decided to really celebrate sunday because it was the only day we actually had to ourselves. it was very low-key and that was plenty good with me. in the spirit of valentines day richard let me pick a girly movie to go see and then we were going to dinner after. i had told him weeks before that i wanted to see the vow and he had agreed, but i kinda kept waiting for him to take it back haha. i mean it is really girly. he stuck to his word and after a very lazy morning of sleeping in (i love sundays) we headed over to town square to catch the last matinee of the day.
the theater was a pretty full, lots of couples lol. it was really good and i definitely cried. hopeless romantic, what can i say. plus we saw good previews, a new nicholas sparks movie that richard is not super excited about lol and a really funny one with jason segal and emily blunt, that one he actually suggested we should see.
we had decided on cheesecake factory for dinner since we hadn't been in a really long time and by the time we got there i was starving. it was almost 8p and i was ready for dinner. i even branched out and got something new (that's a big deal, i tend to order my usual, whatever that is at that particular restaurant)! of course saving room for cheesecake to take home with me.
yum yum!
once full from dinner we just went home and watched the bachelor. serious bonus of living together, when you have nothing else to do you can always just stay home or go early and still be together. it was the perfect way to end the weekend and celebrate the day of love!

i had bought richards gift on a whim thursday evening last week. i was trying to rack my brain hard for ideas, boy are really hard to buy valentines gifts for! after wandering around kohls on my lunch break i went into the kitchen section and saw a small deep fryer. now the entire time we have been dating he has been dreaming about owning one. he always talks about it in a longing way when we go into the kitchen places. so i went back to work and read some reviews to find that people didnt have great things to say about it. instead i did some more research and decided to go to target on the way home. i found a great brand, double the size, and on sale for the same price, sold! friday evening i took it into work with me to hide it under my desk all weekend because there wasnt anywhere to store it at home. 

monday night richard informs me that i have to wait for my present until valentines night when he gets home because he has to go out and get it during the day. needless to say i was not super excited about this idea. i was at the point where i was questioning (come on you all do it) about getting the right thing. plus this meant i had to wait until at least 11p before he got home anyway. 

valentines day seemed to go by very quickly and i only saw richard for a few minutes in the morning. long enough to wish each other "happy valentines day" and be off to work. afterwards i came home and decided i was actually going to wrap the sucker, it was huge, to pass my time till he got home. that night he came busting in the door ready for something haha. his gift was sitting on the ottoman, there was no hiding it, and he wanted to open it right away. as soon as he tore into it i saw his face light up and get so excited! i knew i had the right gift. and then he went into listing all the things he could now deep-fry, it was hilarious.
told you it was a big one!
finally it was my turn and after closing my eyes for awhile and hearing him scavenge all over the apartment i opened them to wayyy more then i was expecting! first there was a card (last year, no card, not ok) that was sooo cute and funny. and there were flowers! he has been getting my hints more and more ;) i got another princess towards completing my train, shes beautiful of course. and to top it all off...real chocolate! i had hinted suggested asked for real chocolate this year. as much as i like hersheys and ghiradelli, i wanted the good stuff. the things you cant buy at target or the grocery store. and man did he come through! chocolate-covered strawberries and a hand picked box of ethel m chocolates, my favorite. let me tell you, they are amazing! i will make those last as longggg as possible. 
any card that starts out with "hey, gorgeous"
is ok in my book!
this was a great valentines day for us! after all the holiday craziness, i loved how low-key it was and it was just the 2 of us. plus we got to stretch it out as long as we wanted :) i am seriously the luckiest girl, baby i love you.

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