Sunday, April 1, 2012

the march training recap.

total mileage: 163.71 miles
# runs/mileage: 12/56.38 miles
# rides/mileage: 6/103.49 miles
# swim/meters: 10/8,750 meters
highest weekly mileage: 41.12 miles
# rest days: 10
favorite run: the running tour around london of course!! seriously sooo much fun and different than anything. history and running put together? heck yes!
with my tour guide lloyd.
most hardcore run: the run i did on my brick workout the day before leaving. i decided to put it all together and dang that 4 miles was tough. i got a great idea of how my body will react and some of the things i will have to talk myself through when doing it.
current reads: goodnight, beautiful. well not really current, but i read it on my trip to england. sooo good, i could barely put it down, i had to know how it was going to work out! 
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: well it happened in england, it was throwing everything out the window and having an amazing time. i didnt count calories, or worry about training, think about work and students, worry about my balancing my time, or think about school. it was seriously amazing!
current obsession: getting back on track. while throwing everything out was fantastic, returning to it all is a bit overwhelming. but race day is coming and its time to return the focus.
current drink: gatorade with glutamine. after i started struggling a lot with sore muscles that would heal and hurting legs and feet, gary at the nutrition store suggested a glutamine supplement to be taken twice a day. let me tell you how much its helped!! omg. i mix it in with my gatorade so i know im drinking enough of that and it seriously helping my body sooo much.
current song: ours by taylor swift. i really do love her and was totally in love with song, then i saw the video. you must watch all the way to the end!
current wish-list: a new fun springy dress for kristins wedding reception. it sounds a little silly i know, but im in the mood for something new and different!
current need: to begin putting together a list for race day. i need to start doing some research and test runs of what i will really need and dont in each transition and for the day overall.
current triumph: making it to race month in 1 piece! i still have a ways to go before i am ready for race day, but this is the 1st step.
current bane of my existence: all week it has been the jet lag! getting sick at the end of my trip and trying to immediately hop back into the same routine of work, training, school, and life so quickly didnt work so great. i ended up taking a few extra rest days i wasnt planning for, but now glad i took. 
how i felt allll week!
current goal: to keep myself level headed about rage in a few weeks. its coming very quickly and i just need to stay calm and out of my own head to make it through.
current indulgence: the cupcakes from richards birthday! while in the airport he informs me that his best friend mike ordered him a dozen cupcakes from the cupcakery-yum. i was super excited, yet figured they would be gone by the time i got home. luckily he only ate 1 which means i needed to help him with the rest!! yes!
happy birthday my love!
and some for me:)
current excitement: all of the amazing and challenging things happening in april! easter (which means my brother is coming home!), kristin and seans wedding reception in phoenix (i saw pics from the ceremony in hawaii and am super hoping she is going to wear her gorgeous dress again!), the triathlon-holy crap its coming, and the warrior dash-yay! there are sooo many cool things happening in april this year, i cant wait:)


Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Holy March miles!! You rocked it!

I am in love with that Taylor Swift song :) I literally cried when I saw the video it was too sweet - that just made me like the song more!

Sounds like your Arpil will shape up to be lots of fun too!

~*katy beth*~ said...

thank you!! march was a huge month and april is going to have so many fun things happening. this year is shaping up great already! :)

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