Monday, April 2, 2012

the rage week 8 recap.

oh the first week back definitely kicked my butt in a major way!! i had big plans to just hop right back into things and thought that would actually happen. then after my body stopped laughing it was ready for a different type of training, recovery. i got sick at the end of the week, that coupled with jet lag and trying to catch up my training didnt go exactly as planned. 

across multiple time zones, 5000 miles, a 1.5 hour delay in gatwick, and a 45 minute extra stay on the plane on the tarmac there was no way i could have trained even if i wanted haha! plus american food never tasted so good. and by that i mean qdoba haha!

monday~500m am swim. 4-5 mile pm run.

after not getting much sleep i decided to stay in bed instead of swimming but with full intentions to head to my runner group after work, i took my clothes and everything. i made it through 1 interview with a student and knew that i was barely going to make it to the end of the day. that meant no runner group, which made me a little sad, but i knew it was the right decision. plus the hacking up a lung every 5 minutes and sounding like a man wasnt going to make a good runner.

tuesday~1000m am swim. 
1000m swim = 61:09 pace

with 10 days off from the pool i was quite nervous getting back in and seeing where i was. i actually think that 10 days was perfect! i felt really good and the swim went soooo well. it was tough, no way around that one lol. but it felt good and comfortable. and it made the rest day before worth every minute.


tuesday night i started having some serious doubts in lots of different areas, not just training and for sure played with my head. after a small comeapart with richard before going to bed, i didnt even set an alarm wednesday morning for spin. i had to kick that last bit of sickness and felt much better about myself after an extra day. plus i got to see my parents for dinner that night which definitely perked up my spirits! and i took a big step towards the race...
i tried on and rented my 1st wetsuit!!
the race is really coming, omg.
thursday~500m swim. body pump.
750m swim. 6am spin class.

it was time to shake all the crap from the week and get back to my training. i was feeling soo good in the pool and sailed through my first 600 meters that i had extra time so i spent it wisely. 
since i missed my other ride this week i knew i needed more cardio than body pump so i tried out a new instructor and really liked her. the class seemed much more into it then some of my other classes and it felt great to have a back to back workout under my belt in my 1st week.

friday~12 mile bike.
6.2 mile run = 59:12 minutes/9:32 min/mile

i knew after my last bike ride i needed some air in my tires so i tried to do it myself. richard actually did it for me and the rear tire was super easy, but the front wouldnt take air. that meant no ride friday and we needed to head back to the the bike shop to help me. so i hit the pavement for my 1st run in a week. it felt good, cleared my head after an emotional week and something i needed. then that evening i got to spend it with my best friend at the free country concerts on fremont street! the acms are in town and they always do free concerts on friday and saturday night. we got to see love and theft, hunter hayes, brantley gilbert, and luke bryan! we had sooo much fun and exactly what i needed after a rocky week :)
love, loved luke bryan!
saturday~1000m swim.
500m swim

it was the big day when sandy and i were headed out to the lake for my 1st open water swim!! that meant i needed a wetsuit which i was actually able to rent from sport chalet. we headed to boulder beach but were surprised to find a race in full swing once we got there. that meant we had to find a new place and ended up at lake las vegas. we were running out of time so i didnt get to swim as long as i wanted to, plus we were running out of time, and we werent exactly sure how far i was going haha. i did spend 25 minutes in the water and got the feel i needed. i did run into a fish and was soooo glad that was toward the end cause i was ready to bolt afterward. i was a little freaked out to put my head in the water and the wetsuit made me so buoyant it was almost a little difficult. but i did it! and feel ok making that swim on race day:)
there i am!

total for the week=2250m swim+18mi bike+6.2mi run

this week threw me through a major loop and luckily i came out feeling good, which i didnt think i would in the beginning of the week. i very much thought i could just jump back in and learned the hard way that i couldnt. however, it is all about what you do with it that makes you who you are. i also could not have done it this week especially without the fantastic people in my life supporting me! they definitely kept me going and my head up. whatever you do, make sure that you have some of those in your life, they are so important :)

20 days to the rage triathlon!!!


Jamie said...

Hello, I was wondering what program you use for your training and also what program you use that you use to display your recaps cause bit looks like its an app but I dunno of it truly is
Please let me know thank you Jamie

~*katy beth*~ said...

hi jamie!

i adopted a plan from to fit my schedule and base level. its been super helpful! as far as the app its actually a screenshot from of my weekly stats. they dont have an app so i just access it from the internet part of my phone:)

what are you training for??

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