Monday, April 16, 2012

the rage week 10 recap.

this was my last full official training week, holy crap. i cant believe its all really here. not that this last week wasnt seriously packed with work, training, school, and the best part, travel. richard and i headed to phoenix for the weekend for one of my best friends from college wedding reception. that meant cramming everything into a few days. it also hit me that this is really for real!


it was easter so my normal spend all day in my pjs didnt happen quite as long, but totally worth it. we went to my parents house a little early so we could spend time with them and then some family friends came over for way too much delicious food. i was of course in charge of dessert :)
the cupcakery makes my heart happy!
monday~600m am swim. 4-5mi pm run.
750m swim = 30:00 minutes/64:22 pace
4.72 miles = 44:30 minutes/9:25 min/mile

the pool was much warmer than last week and much nicer. i was a little slower than i was hoping for, had to work off that easter candy/cupcake haha. but the extra meters felt good.
my legs felt really good after wearing my compression socks all day at work, well except that whole i fell off my bike, banged up my knee, and had some wicked bruises. we had a bit of a bigger group which i was so excited for and it was just a good summer run:)

tuesday~25-30 miles bike.
26.32 miles = 2:07:29/ 12.4 mph

after the confidence shaker last week i had to get back at it. no matter how scared i was. we got my bike tuned up saturday so it was all better, i was just really nervous. i mapped out a few different routes and went with the one with the least amount of turning and felt the safest on. it was super early when i left so not much traffic thank goodness. the 1st 13 miles felt great! i felt strong and in control, i just had to get home now. which was a fine plan till i got on the tail end of rainbow blvd and realized it was a super skinny 2-lane road that i did not feel at all comfortable on. so i had to walk the bike a little bit but for a way better reason than last time. i conquered the fear! i capped off the great feeling day signing up for my dream race, the nike womens 1/2 marathon in sf. now i wait, wishing and hoping!
time to cross my fingers/toes/arms/legs
and wait till the end of april!
wednesday~1500m swim. 10mi bike.
1500m swim = 57:00 minutes/61:09 pace
11 miles = 30:00 minutes/22.0 mph

the pool was packed in the morning and a little chillier than the day before. but i ran into some very nice people and a guy thats doing the same race! it was sooo nice to know im not the only one in my position of runner->triathlon and thinking i may have bit off more than i can chew. he had all the same concerns! after the pool emptied i was able to get my laps in. i was hoping for a bit of a faster time, but sometimes its more important to get it all in.
my original plan was to drive home then hop on the bike for an outside ride. but we were having another crazy spring windy day in vegas so i opted for a spin bike at the gym, definitely not the same. i did like the make your own workout option and to have my own little tv though!

thursday~600m swim. body pump.

i set my alarms like normal, but apparently my body had other plans because i slept through them both and woke up at about 615a. body pump started at 6a so i decided it was my bodys sign to get some sleep. my body felt great actually the rest of the day. i kept thinking, "oh is this how your body is supposed to feel on a thursday?" haha.

friday~15 mile bike.
600m swim  = 32:00 minutes/85:50 pace
15 miles = 43:28 minutes/20.7mph

with an unexpected rest day i really had to kick it up friday! my swim was wayyy slow and i have no idea why. i kept feeling like i could go farther but my head just wasnt quite in it. so i decided when i hit the 600 meter it was just time to move on to the next thing.
for as off as the swim felt, the bike felt great. it was another windy day lined up for us so i took to the spin bike again. i forgot my headphones so it was a good thing the bike has a interactive screen with an instructor! plus i had to get my calorie burn up for later in the day;) richard and i hopped on a plane not long after headed to phoenix. right after getting off the plane we headed straight for my favorite pasta dish at oreganos. i was seriously in love!
alfredo the dark!
saturday ~ 4-6 miles.
5.51 miles = 52:36 minutes/9:32 min/mile

i was up earlier than the rest of our group to get my miles in. now by early i mean about 930a:) it wasnt nearly as warm in phoenix as it has been which meant i could sleep in after a late friday night and still get my miles in before lunch time. the nice part about where jessica lives is it is super flat! the sun was a little bright and the wind was blowing quite hard to make up for the flatness though. sometimes its fun to run on vacation:)

total for the week=2850m swam+52.32m biked+10.23m ran

this makes an all time high for weekly mileage! i cant believe i made it to taper week either. wow. this is really going to happen this weeekend. like in 5 days. wow. i felt good about this last week, but now i go into the worried mode about did i do enough, train long enough, eat enough, do the right things on the right days? all those questions and more will be answered on saturday!

5 days to the rage triathlon!!!


Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

What a great week of work outs!

I am crossing my fingers for you to get into the Nike Womens Half :) I wish I could be doing it too!

Glad you guys enjoyed your time in phoenix! The weather was gorgeous and super cool all weekend! Most areas are pretty flat which make it nice for running :)

~*katy beth*~ said...

thank you, thank you! it was a great weekend and the weather was awesomes, except for the wind. trust me, we get enough of that in vegas haha!

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