Sunday, September 30, 2012

the 3 weeks to nwm recap.

omg are we really getting this close!! oh i cant wait:)  this was my last big week of this training cycle and i am actually feeling really good about tapering. my physical therapist has kinda taken over my training plan, at least when it comes to long runs, and i am kinda diggin it. i am all about taking the thinking and second guessing out of a training plan at the end of a cycle!


i finally got back to my old routine of sleeping in as late as possible in my own bed then waking up and making waffles in my own apartment. i love a routine:)

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 45:24 minutes/9:37 min/mile

the boys were back this week and it was nice to have a little group up and down that hill. however with the group i slowed down a bit and my hip was not friendly about that idea. it was soo friggin sore when i got home i could barely life it into the tub to take a shower. for the first time in a long time i put some heat on it myself. it was a little better after that, still pretty sore. 

1 hour pt

i decided after the sore hip the night before that body flow was probably not a good idea and slept a little longer before getting up for pt. once out of bed my hip barely hurt at all! i was so glad and even more that i was going to pt to check it out just in case. ron decided it was probably just an off day thank goodness since i didnt have any leftover pain that morning. phew!
my race outfit came in the mail!!
heres a little preview:)
wednesday~4 miles.
4.22 miles = 37:24 minutes/8:51 min/mile

this made it definitely a one time pain from monday! i got to sleep in just a bit and this run kicked ass plus i felt great! yes, that does actually have an 8 in the front of that pace:) my hip felt great and there was almost a coolness in the air. we are so close to fall here in the desert!

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class

thats right i finally made the return! ron had been telling me for a few weeks to just man up and go, but i was still too nervous. i had to go to work a bit earlier than normal on thursday so i didnt have time for therapy, that meant i had to go. it was tough, i wont lie, but felt good. i expected to be really sore with the new release and return but i actually felt good the rest of the day. plus that accomplishment feeling didnt hurt:)

1 hour of pt

since i couldnt fit it in thursday and i was off early on friday i headed over after work. the hour seemed to fly by and i got some great advice from ron about the future! plus he told me if i looked this good at the end of next week i could be done! i will be a little sad to go because hes been so great, but glad that i finished:)

saturday~10 miles.
11.05 miles = 1:47:31 minutes/9:43 min/mile

ron told i needed an 11 hilly to finish off my cycle and somehow i was lucky enough to convince jenn and chris from my runner group to meet me at 545am for the hills! both of them are actually doing the really big free 1/2 and full respectively in a few weeks and this route actually took them on part of the course. im pretty sure they both went home cursing me haha. these hills were no joke but sooo much better with friends! the time flew by and we were able to celebrate national coffee day after at the coffee bean and tea leaf as our reward:) but my real reward were these little goodies waiting at home for me...
omg these were a-mazing!!!

totals for the week = 19.99 miles+1 cross-training+2 pt sessions 

ummm seriously 19.99! dang it. i didnt know i was that close, should have added an extra .01 somewhere. this week felt really good though in the training world! it was my last big week and like i said, im a ready for a little taper. now that doesnt mean no training, just a little shorter than the last few weeks:)

14 days to the nike womens 1/2 marathon!!!

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