Monday, January 2, 2012

the 5 weeks to tinkerbell recap.

happy new year! i know its a day late, but my weekend was pretty filled up:) this week we passed the 1 month to race day mark! it was also holiday and family filled with christmas and new years eve. i finally got back to my 5 day/week training and it felt good. tiring, but good. so glad to be back on the right track! it was also my last week for ice cream, pizza, and fried things. now we are really in the countdown!


i made sure to do my long run saturday so i didn't have to on sunday this week, im such a planner haha. and it was worth it! we decided to sleep in a little bit since didn't have to be at my parents till noon, and woke up super excited! richard and i were able to do our christmas together before joining the rest of the family:)
our very cute christmas pjs:)
monday~4-5 miles.
5.31 miles = 50:05 minutes/9:25 min/miles

do you ever have one of those workouts when your outfit makes the whole thing great?? thats probably just a girl thing, but its totally true sometimes. i tried out my new arm warmers beacuse there was just the slightest chill in the air and i love them! so easy and convient. normally on mondays i head to my runner group but i was off and as was richard so we had dinner plans with some friends which meant a morning run. one of the nice things about winter running is you can sleep a little later and still have a cool run.

tuesday~4 miles.
5.2 miles = 49:40 minutes/9:33 min/miles

was up a little earlier than the day before because it was back to work and it was a super cold but actually felt good. i felt good till about the last 3/4s of a mile when my right hip started to hurt, bad. turns out it was a precursor to the rest of my day when i found out my aunt had fallen the night before and broke her hip! thank goodness mine wasnt nearly that bad, i did have to put some heat on it on and off throughout the day.

6am spin class

last one before all the crazy people come out with new years resolutions! i was super tired and couldnt fully get into class. i mean i worked up a good sweat dont get me wrong, but just not as into as the last couple weeks. luckily i didnt go into work until 11am and i got a great post-workout nap that made me feel so much better.

thurday~body pump.
6am body pump class

we had another sub this week, but she wasnt as good i wont lie. the class was super empty which made lots of room to soak up before this week. i did however add an extra baby weight on both sides of my bar! (have to add to both sides of course so your not uneven hehe). it was tough, but felt good.


i had another long run lined up for saturday so i took my rest day friday instead:)
put my new blender to use just in time!
saturday~9 miles.
9.46 miles = 1:28:05 minutes/9:18 min/miles.

for weeks debi has been trying to get me to meet up with my runner group on saturday mornings to run long. finally it all fell into place and i was actually able to do it all! it was a small group but they were all wayyy faster so i happily brought up the rear. the route they choose kicked my ass along with trying to keep them all in sight. reggie and anglea were great enough to hang back with me for the last few to make sure i was able to get to 9. definitely better than last weeks run, just had to get over the 8 mile hump.

afterwards it was time to head home and rest up before meeting some friends for our new years adventure around the world on the strip, more on that later:)

a sneak preview:)
ps that camelbak is full of orange vodka!

totals for the week = 19.97 miles + 2 days of cross-training

finally after a few lag weeks i actually got my miles up and training in the way it was supposed to be! i definitley had some kinks in my schedule with holidays and family this week, but i had to figure it out. this is the tough part, everything looks great and easy on paper, but then you add real life! its what you do with it after that, that counts:)

27 days till the tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!!!

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