Monday, November 28, 2011

the 2 weeks to vegas recap.

yikes, it's really almost here! this week had my last long run and last body pump class. things are all starting to wind down and finish up, omg. this week was another one that i changed things up due to adding some extras in there and thanksgiving:)

sunday~11 miles.
11.3 miles =1:47:07 minutes/9:28 min/miles

this was my last long run of the cycle and it felt pretty good. it was extra chilly and the wind was not on my side. i was hoping to add an extra mile like last week, but my body just wasn't quite having it. i felt strong at the end and did to want to push it too far. plus later was date night with my love :)

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =43:45 minutes/9:15 min/miles

there were only 2 of us at the runner group this week, thank goodness brian showed up so i didn't have to go up and down the hill alone. we kept a pretty good pace and i was able to pick his more experienced brain.

6am body pump class

remember that changing around? this is one of those days. class came awful early and I couldn't seem to get on track. i wasn't getting enough sleep this week and it was starting to show. the whole rest of the day was off as well. days like today reminded me i need to take care of myself.

wednesday~spin class.

i gladly took the day off from training as my body needed it. plus i was able to leave work a little early to do a few errands and go to bed at a decent time. i felt so much better afterward.

thursday~body pump.
12k turkey trot =1:07:39 minutes/9:04 min/miles

i have never actually done a turkey trot before and decided this was the year to do it. i found one out at hoover dam and it was a trail run as well, another thing i had never done. i remembered why im not particularly fond of trails (the whole dust and dirt thing is not me) but we had a really good time. my mom and i did it together the first one in awhile. plus it was a good gear up for vegas. i started out with mom as she has amped up her running a little. then we separated and did the rest on my own. the trail boosts six tunnels and a view of the dam at the turn around point. what they didnt tell you was at that turnaround is a massive hill to get to that view. but in the end i was pretty happy with the race overall. i didnt really pay attention to time and kept a really good pace with the starting out a little slower with mom and the hills. plus this way i could eat whatever i wanted all day!
dang my hair is out of control sometimes haha.
friday~4 miles.

with the race on thursday and black friday in the morning there was no way i was getting out for a run. plus richard and i never went to sleep that night because target opened at midnight! i came home after thanksgiving dinner, took a nap, made some coffee, and we were off. finally we returned home at about 6am and were asleep before my head hit the pillow. early up, a 12k, 2 1-hour naps, black friday shopping at midnight and being interviewed for our local fox5 news about the shopping made for one very tired girl. later in the day we met up with my family to do a little bit of round 2 shopping and to see the muppets. OMG it was soooo good! ma nah ma nah. you just need to see the movie:)
4.21 miles =39:10 minutes/9:18 min/miles

i knew i needed a run over the weekend and really didnt want to get up sunday to do that so i made it saturday instead. this was the first morning all week i had woken up and wasnt sore. i headed out on the short route, i just wanted to clock the miles. i was pretty surprised with my pace when i looked at my clock at the end and saw what i had kept. the rest of the day was very productive after a good run. i came home to clean, grocery shopped and we put up our christmas decorations. we are officially in the christmas season!!

totals for the week = 27.69 miles + 1 day of cross training

this week i was reminded pretty hard to take care of myself and rest. i added an extra race to make sure im ready for vegas and am really glad i did. plus i got some more bling! i also took a look at what i am thankful for and realized i do have a lot on that list. like my fantastic family and friends, my amazing love for the support, my body for having the ability to run, my job for being employed and pushing me to the next level in school, and for the ability to put myself out there in this blog every week and have people read it, thank you!

7 days till the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!


Jamie said...

Nice running! I am so excited for Vegas too! :D

Megan said...

Girl, I need to get in gear. I'm hoping that by keeping up on reading your running will secretly get me motivated. Good luck this weekend!! :)

~*katy beth*~ said...

you should just come here and run! thats what i decided megan:)

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