Wednesday, August 1, 2012

july foodie pen pal.

is it really august tomorrow?! wow. where did this crazy month go? this month makes it my 5th month in the pen pal world and its so much fun! heres the way it works if you havent heard...

*each month you are paired up with a new blogger or reader in a different part of the country.
*on the 5th of each month you will receive your penpal and have 48 hours to contact them.
*now who you send to will be sending to someone else, so it is almost a pay it forward thing!
*there is a $15 limit on the package you send and it is filled with all your favorite things. local favorites, healthy or splurge snacks. emails are exchanged to find out about dietary restrictions (diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc) and if there is anything you just plain dont like. it may be 1 large item or a few small items, up to the sender. and away you go!
*you must also include something written like a note or card or recipe, its up to you.
*by the 15th of the month you must drop it in the mail and at the end of the month everyone posts on the same day!

luckily kristina had attached the tracker to my package because it was mia for a few days only to find it hidden in my apartment complexs office. i think they keep things on purpose at this point! once i finaly got it i was instantly in love, its like she read my mind. from the time i sent the email with food preferences to her and the time the box showed up things in my diet/food had changed and it was like she knew. i was first excited about the pancake mix with matching syrup! a. because i love pankcakes and b. it was multigrain and organic! abd yes, it even says on the package to use this specific syrup, i love it. there was also some homemade strawberry jam that is super delicious and some hot sauce with avocado for my spicy tooth!
oh yeah!
it was so diverse and i loved it! i even put the pancake turned waffle mix to use the first opportunity i had...some how a few chocolate chips snuck in there, but i didnt mind :)
i also got to send my package up north to leila, check out her reveal to see what i sent! oh and if you havent signed up, head over to this page at the lean green bean blog and sign up for next month!

yum! yum!

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