Sunday, August 12, 2012

the 10 weeks to nwm recap.

theyre back!!! i really missed recapping my weeks when i trained and ran et. it almost felt like i was hiding things from everyone. so i have decided the weekly recaps needed to make a return. now back to the countdown...

my time clock was a little screwy all day with the super late night et race the evening before. but everything was made better with this night-time treat :)

i gladly took monday off from my runner group and everything else. i totally enjoyed my post-race treat of raising canes (YUM), even if i had to do it while doing homework. oh and the olympics of course. i also started considering a big step up for my saturday run...a 10k yikes!


a few post-race treats continued with a stop at starbucks on my way to work for a caramel frappucino. it was delicious! but i promise the treats are disappearing soon lol.

wednesday~4 miles or rest.

i was hoping to hit the road again wednesday morning, but my alarm was quickly turned off and i rolled right back over. thursday would have to be the day back instead.

thursday~4 miles.
4.22 miles = 40:12/9:31 min/mile

it felt so good to get back out on the road. the hot, hot heat was not my friend in an excessive heat warning. but to be running again was worth all the sweat.


friday is always my rest day, but this one was also my rest day before a last minute decision to race saturday!

saturday~6 miles.
6.24 miles = 57:34 minutes/9:13 min/mile

i decided monday night after some help from friends on twitter to go all in and sign up for a 10k since i needed to do 6 miles anyway. this race, the police and fire 10k, holds a special place in my heart because it was my very first race ever 3 years ago. i got there pretty early with plenty of time to wait. i ran into a few people from my monday night runner group and was glad to have some friends to stand with! we lined up and were off soon. it was at an outlet mall on las vegas blvd so the course took us on an out and back around the mall, then through a few neighborhoods, and back along on the mall. 
only in vegas do we have these at the finish lines:)
i felt good throughout the race even as the sun was coming up and almost 90* at the start. i forgot my garmin so was going all on feel. theres a pretty good size hill that is fun to run down but not so fun to climb back up. now not nearly as awful as the et one the week before, but enough after not running a lot this week. i came in just over my pr time at 57:34 but was really happy with my time. ive never run so far a week after a half marathon before and was pleasantly surprised with the results.
we all stuck around for a bit after for the awards and glad that we did...3 out of the 4 of us won 1st place in our age groups!! ive never won my age group before and could not be more excited!!
1st place feels good!
the super pretty flowers my parents gave me when
i met them for breakfast after for my win!

total for the week = 10.46 miles + 0 cross-training.

even though it was a week mostly full of rest it was a good one. plus a 1st place in my age group is always a good way to end the week! glad to be back at it :)

49 days to the nike womens 1/2 marathon!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow only 10 weeks to go until your NWH!

That 10k sounds awesome - and that is so cool that you guys all placed in your age groups!

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