Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the 9 weeks to nwm recap.

wow this is super super late this week! i feel like i have been playing catch up everywhere else, why not here too:) it also wasnt the most fantastic training week so i was happy to see it go.


gladly spent the day sleeping in, enjoying the pool, and the last day of the olympics. ps i cant believe theyre over and we have 2 wait 2 years till the winter ones!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 47:45 minutes/10:06 min/mile

i wasnt feeling great from the beginning, i dont think i had eaten enough throughout the day. luckily chris was there to brave the 110*+ temps for the day. it was just about getting in the miles for both of us. we made it!

tuesday~spin and swimming.
5am spin class
600 meters = 25 minutes/67:03 pace

class severely kicked my butt since i hadnt been in a few weeks. i was drenched the whole class, but in a i needed it way! afterward i hopped in the pool after scoring a lane before it got really busy. i really like swimming right after, i feel strong and accomplished:)

wednesday~4 miles.

life got in the way tuesday evening and i didnt get to bed till about 1a. there was no way a run was happening at 5a after that kind of evening so i slept a little longer.

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i had to remind myself of this a lot this week!source
thursday~body pump.
6am body bump class

since missing wednesday, there was no way i was missing thursday too! glad i went to work out some of my frustration. i felt better after:)


i had great plans to clean and be accomplished after work since i didnt have to train, but my inner rebel and the couch won out. sometimes you just need a break.

saturday~7 miles.
7.87 miles = 1:15:36 minutes/9:36 min/mile

decided to stay in my own neighborhood this week and run on the relatively flat road instead of the super mean hills in green valley. it was nice to run on familiar territory but wasnt the greatest run ever. i ducked the sun most of the time which was nice till my knee started bothering me for about the last half. it seemed like i stepped off the sidwalk weird and tweeked it funny. heat insued later that night and it felt better. plus this delicious zesty lime shrimp and avocado salad helped :)


totals for the week = 12.59 miles + 2 days of cross-training.

it was incredibly long week in just about every aspect school, work, love, life, training. i was so so glad to see it all go by sunday when i hit the reset button!

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52 days to the nike womens half marathon!!
(as of sunday 8/19)


Megan said...

I keep trying to remember to listen to my inner self -- if the body says no, the body says no.

Such is life. Nice job, girl!

Anonymous said...

I love that you take things week by week! It's okay to have an "off" week cuz let's be honest, every week can't be super amzing fantastic (unless you're super woman!)

PS - I am impressed with the pace of your 7 mile run! With the exception of the knee pain, It sounds like it was a good training run!

I hope this week is a great one for you!

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