Sunday, August 26, 2012

the 8 weeks to nwm recap.

yay for being on time this week!! it was one i wasnt totally expecting, a few suprises that i think will be good long term.


i got tons of sleep and then we spent the evening hanging out with my parents watching girly movies and big brother to finish out the weekend. it was fun!

monday~4-5 miles
4.72 miles = 45:49 minutes/9:42 min/mile

things have been a little nutty around here lately and i was beyond glad to see my runner friends on monday night. we had a really good run, the best in a long time. between all of our injuries lately we have a bit of a rough time up and down the hill. this one was smooth and felt really good. i was incredibly grateful to chris and jen for the great run!

6am body flow class

well i hit the snooze a little too hard and woke up with just a few minutes to spare. i thought about just rolling back over but knew i needed to do something. monday night i was having a weird tightness in the backs of my knees so running was probably not a good idea. instead i decided to try body flow! i heard some good things and its a combo of tai chi, pilates, and yoga. its really hard, ha! kicked my butt in a good way and i was super happy i went.

wednesday~4 miles
2.6 miles = 25:31 minutes/9:48 min/mile

this is where the week turned interesting! we had a few cool days in the forecast and it happened to fall on a run day. i headed out and had immediate pain on the front of my right knee, like bad/sharp pain. i thought about just turning around but the weather was too nice and cloudy i couldnt. so instead i gave myself a 1/2 mile to see how i felt, and it subsided so i decided to cut the run to an out and back quick 3. i got to the turnaround point and the sky decided to open up into a full on downpour!! not little raindrops either, huge fat ones. i had to get home, theres was nothing other to do than laughed to myself and headed back. there was no sign of stopping so i decided to cut out my extra loop which in hindsight i could have just done and it would have been fine. it was kinda fun to run in weather:)

thursday~body pump

with the recent knee pain and past knee issues since like forever i decided it was probably a good idea to see a sports doctor. i did some googling (big mistake) and saw everything from a cyst to fluid needing to be drained to my new minimalist shoes were causing the whole problem. so thursday morning i arrived a 1/2 hour early for paperwork did x-rays and still waited 45 minutes to see the doc after my scheduled time. anyway, he looked over everything and did all the ligament tests which i passed, then came to the conclusion i was ok. i do however now need to visit a physical therapist for the next 4-6 weeks to correct some things and work on my form. he is also a runner so he gets it and seemed to understand what i was talking about. everything was great till i told him about the front of the knee pain and he made me hop on 1 leg. i had a ton of pain on my right knee and after some poking and moving around muscles he said the scary phrase. we need to get you in pt now, otherwise you might develop a stress fracture in your knee cap!! it was in the next 5 minutes i called my new pt friend.
does that look crooked to you too??


the doc said i could still run and cross-train so my 8 miler was still on deck saturday, which meant rest day friday.

saturday~8 miles
8.45 miles = 1:24:26 minutes/9:59 min/mile

i was a little nervous for my run with all the pain but taking 2 days off helped and i felt good getting out of bed. yesterday i stopped to buy kt tape on my way home from work because i thought that would help keep my knee in place and had heard really good things about it. so i taped up, got dressed and headed to the hills. surprisingly it went really, really well! last week my run was mostly flat so i wasnt sure how today would go, but it felt sooo smooth. i got caught at a stoplight with 2.5 miles to go and knew it was going to hurt when i started again. i kept trying to talk myself through it and with less than a mile left i took a tumble on a sidewalk lip because i was more worried how much further i needed to go rather than the uneven sidewalk. luckily i fell mostly on my side and wasnt go full force. somehow only my left pinky is really hurting. like bruised and currently under ice! oh geez.

if i could have even a pinky's worth of keri walshs
talent wearing this, i would have it on every day!!

totals for the week = 15.77 miles + 1 cross-training day

like i said, a week full of surprises. i think this week i became a real runner...i had my 1st real injury! the doc seems optomistic and i told him about nike and he wasnt worried at all, so neither am i (at least thats what im telling myself, ha!). 

48 days to the nike womens half marathon!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that there is nothing seriously wrong with your knees and that it's fixable! Yay!

Just my two cents know youre a real runner when you have pain or an injury and it doesnt stop you from running - you just find a way to make yourself stronger! Way to go Katy Beth!

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