Sunday, September 4, 2011

the week 13 recap.

i cant believe its september already! this last month has flown by and my training has been going up and up. if you didnt catch my august recap, read it here. its my first one, im super excited! 

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =46 minutes/9:44 min/mile.

met up for my runner group with a cool 107* this week. except it was only reggie, debi, and i. debi had done way too many miles the day before so she only went 3, thank goodness reggie was there to help me go further! he kept me on track and pushed me harder since hes a fastie. we made a good pace, he slowed down a little and i sped up a little. it was fun to talk to him and meet a new runner friend:)

tuesday~9 miles.
9.15 miles =1:34:35 minutes/10:20 min/mile.

i think i finally might have this summer running thing down! i got up a little earlier than i ever really want to, ill be honest, and headed out for my long run.  i had already decided this would be my last long run before working all day and i am so glad. i was torn up for a little while after this one. it was a really good long run and i scored over half without the sun, a big deal in the desert. i added on an extra stoplight to my run from the week before to get my 9 miles in. and of course as soon as i turned on st rose, ready to pick off my landmarks to the turn, the wind started right in my face. i think it might have slowed me down more than i was hoping, plus i was gettin tired at this point, and ready to be home. but i made it:) plus my power nap after was one of the better ones too.

wednesday~spin class.
6 am spin.

we had another sub this week, does this teacher ever show up more than 2 weeks in a row? and she was actually really great! i thought the class was maybe one song too long, but she pushed you hard and i walked away super sweaty. i was definitely hungry after class and was glad because i had a super hot date with alie j and her adorable son evan (i call him ochocinco jones, that was his first name in her belly). we met at rubios, one of our favorite places and had delicious ono tacos.
hes so big! only 6 months old, gonna be tall like his dad:)
  thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class.

i got there in plenty of time this week, thank goodness, because being squished up front is no fun. i even added a little bit of weight this week on a few tracks. this was also the first day since monday my legs had stopped hurting. they werent normal training sore, they just werent recovering very well. so wednesday night i had a session with the my legs up right on the wall, ate a banana, and took a magnesium pill. about 20 minutes later they started to feel so much better. which was especially good since body pump was super tough this week!
my super hot thursday night date! ahh the life of a runner and student:)
friday~4 miles. 
5.2 miles =50:45/9:45 min/mile.

this run felt really great! good way to end the week and i made it to 19+ miles for the week with this run. every thing just fell into place with this one. the temperature was only at 74* degrees at the start and the wind wasnt too bad at all. it just felt good.


its was the start of my birthday weekend! my actual birthday isnt until tuesday, but i started a little early with the beach boys concert at mandalay bay beach! its an awesome place for a show, especially one like this. there were all ages there and it was really fun to spend the night with tiffany. plus the best part was uncle jessie from full house played with the band for the whole show! made my little 12 year old heart all-a-flutter.  
so glad she came with me!

he even sang forever from his wedding on full house!

total for the week = 19.07 miles + 2 days of cross training.

this week felt really good for training! i got my days in the way i needed and stuck to the plan. i was reminded about taking care of my body when i do push this hard. and i decided i am really excited about going back to long beach this year! it will be fun to have my 5th 1/2 marathon right back where i started:)

34 days till the long beach 1/2 marathon!!

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