Sunday, September 25, 2011

the week 16 recap.

things seemed to be all over the place this week! i switched up my plan a little bit and ended up having to move some things around. this is when things start to get tricky. getting everything in is sometimes really hard, school, work, training, and sleep. usually the last thing gets the cut from me and i end up paying the price later on...

12.21 miles =2:03:04 minutes/10:06 min/miles.

in moving my training runs to sundays this late in the game i am still comparing to my original plan. once i get through long beach i will post my next steps and get all my runs on the right days. i woke up feeling good and ready to conquer my 12 miler. i knew it was my longest run in my cycle and i was ready for it. as i neared the end of pyle st, about 2 miles in, i realized how dark it really is without street lights! i couldnt really see the road and had to be really careful about cars. after this it was smooth sailing. i had to make a pit stop again, i need to remember to go to the bathroom on my way out the door, even if i feel like i dont have too. i felt really good and accomplished at the end of this one. my pace was on track with my training cycle so far, i was hoping for a bit faster i wont lie. i really feel like i will be ready for long beach!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =46:30 minutes/9:51 min/miles.

it was a itty bitty runner group this week with only derrick, chris, and myself there to represent our group. with a temp of only 95* we were pretty stoked to finally have a little bit of a cooler temp. the sun is also starting to tuck behind the mountains a little faster. we were pretty quick up the hill (compared to regular times) and had some great shade. on the way back, i could not keep up with those boys and their super long legs. i was still a little sore from my 12 miler the day before and it showed the next morning too. i was super glad derrick, my running partner was back this week before his full ironman sunday!
a full ironman (source)= 140.6 miles=
2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike
26.2 mile run

tuesday~12 miles. 

switching around my long run and rest day was a genius idea! i went in an hour later then planned and took advantage of every moment of my extra sleep. it was glorious:)

6am spin class.

omg this class was a hooott mess this week! we had a new teacher (surprise, surprise). the mic didnt work so she was literally screaming at us for the whole class. and to top it off i got a lame-o bike with a downward tilting seat. plus the strap on my right foot kept coming undone while i was trying to ride. i got it in, but dang was it messy.
 thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class.

i think it was the week of subs because my regular teacher wasnt in this class either. seriously what is the point of having a regular teacher if they change all the time?? anyway...our sub was one of the girls that regularly takes the class so at least it was a familiar face. she switched up the routine a little bit which was welcome from the class, as we have been doing the same routine for way too many weeks in a row.

friday~4 miles.

thursday morning after my power nap i woke up and knew i had finally caught that end-of-the-summer bug that had infested my office. i had been having a scratchy throat for a few days but was really hoping it wasnt going to get me. wrong. it totally did. i got sent home from work early on thursday and spent the day on the couch. i had originally planned to get up friday though and still get my miles in. richard however, told me no way! i clearly needed to rest and i needed to take the morning off. he looks out for me:)

total for the week = 16.93 miles + 2 days of cross training.

i was really looking forward to having a huge mileage week (for me at least). my body had other plans apparently, remember that sleep i let fall to the way side? told you it had ways of catching up with me. on a better note, i crossed the 500 miles ran in 2011 mark this week! thank you daily mile for logging all my miles and keeping track for me. i passed it during my long run sunday and was so proud after logging my miles. i had no idea it was so close! for only running 3 days a week, i think thats pretty damn good:) i also feel like i finally have this training thing figured out! i seem to say that way too early in cycles and then pay for it the next week. but this time i really feel like i do. between the food, the training, and getting it all in-which is sometimes overwhelming, i got it handled!!

14 days until the long beach 1/2 marathon!!

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