Friday, September 2, 2011

the august training recap.

total run mileage: 80.91 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 18.77 miles
# runs: 14
# rest days: 8
# xtraining workouts: 9
favorite run: adding my new water bottle made for a great run that morning! for whatever reason i had an awesome time for the heat to be low and the end of the week.
most hardcore run:  my longest distance this training cycle.  my 9+ miler on tuesday was pretty rockin. i was hoping for a faster pace, but it tore me up for the rest of the day. i had to push through to the end of that one pretty hard!
current readsheart of the matter by emily giffin! 
she also wrote something borrowed, the movie that recently came out and i love her writing style! this book is just as good as all the others. great girlie read:)
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: the crazy amount of reality-tv in the summer! big brother, americas got talent, teen mom, and the challenge:rivals. i know, i know:)
current obsession: stalking travel websites to find the cheapest fare to england for nate and katies wedding in march! i am so excited and cant wait to go!
current drink: water, water, and more water. oh and sweet tea of course!
current song: dirt road anthem by jason aldean. love!
current wish-list
1. zenash calf compression sleeves in neon pink!
2. kelly and kaite black venus gladiator sandals in size 9 ½
just in case:)
current need: black flats! i love my heels, i really do. but some days i just need a cutie cute flat shoe. eventually i want a few colors, but black would be a great addition for now.
current triumph: rocking my training plan! i have been consistently over on my mile the last couple of weeks and it feels awesome.
current bane of my existence: the ridiculously hot heat. so unnecessary.
current goal: to continue on the awesome training path i am on through september. the race is only 36 days away!
current indulgence: ice cream! since i had to give it up september 1st.
current excitement: that august is over, meaning that it is september and that really means its my birthday month! and that summer is almost over. i do live in the desert, so not as soon as i would like it. also that in the last 2 weeks I have had 4 people reach out to me about running and blogging! it is seriously so cool that they want my advice:)

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