Sunday, September 11, 2011

the week 14 recap.

are we really at week 13 already! this training cycle has been flying by, we are less than a month out people. if you hadnt noticed, i left sunday out of last weeks recap. ps i did that on purpose:) i decided to have my training weeks now start on sundays rather than mondays. plus labor day weekend was in my training this week and it threw all kinds of quirks into things.

10.15 miles =1:41:15 minutes/9:58 min/miles.

i decided on thursday that i wanted to move up my long run to sunday instead of monday as originally planned so i could do whatever i wanted sunday night with my friends! i was having an early birthday dinner with some great friends at maggianos and i didnt want to have to worry about food/hydration or how much i did on that night for the next morning. so i went to sleep when i got home from dancing my 12 year-old heart out so i could get up at 430am the next day. my alarm went off and i felt really good getting up! i set out in the exact same red polka dot running skirt i pulled on for the first time 1 year earlier at the disneyland 1/2 marathon. my route was pretty easy and i was feeling really good. about a 1/4 of the way through i felt like i had to pee. i had never gone on a long run before and was sure that i could make it. then i got to eastern and decided i had to, no way around it! i did get some extra ice for my water that really helped. back on the road i was over 1/2 way there and was ready to be done. i felt good when i finished and was really happy with my time! i was so excited to get my post-long run nap in because i didnt have to set my alarm. i was a little sore the rest of the day, but felt good to have my long run finished so early in the week!
monday~10 miles

i gladly took monday off after my long run on monday. plus it was so nice to lounge around and i saw crazy, stupid love. seriously good movie!!

tuesday~4-5 miles
6.03 miles =1:02:21 minutes/10:20 min/miles.

its my birthday! i felt really good after my rest day and just kept going. plus i knew i was meeting my family at cheesecake factory for dinner, so a little extra mileage would help balance that out :) it was a good run and its amazing what happens when you have 3 full days off from work with good sleep!
wednesday~spin class
6am spin class.

we actually had our real teacher this week! this was also the week i probably sweat the most, gross i know. she seriously kicked our butts! in a very good/dang we are hardcore kinda way.

thursday~body pump
6am body pump class.

i just made it on time this week. and good thing, because it was full! also i think each week this set is going to get easier and each week my muscles keep telling me its not. at least i know its working haha.

friday~4 miles

i told you this week was all changed around. but for very good reasons...

9.11km remembrance run. today i run for mandy chang.
5.66 miles =47:25 minutes/8:22 min/miles.

i heard about this run a few weeks ago and instantly wanted to sign up. i felt a little guilty asking for another saturday (plus it was an open house) so i was hoping i could just switch it around. luck was on my side and i was able to swap with jennifer to work the extra open house in 2 weeks. i signed up last minute and am so incredibly glad i did. each runner had the name of someone fallen in the world trade center on 9/11/01. it was done incredibly well with so much participation by the community. there were so many people you dont typically run into at runs, military running in full camis, police, and firefighters. down 2 side streets they had parked 2 fire trucks, extended their ladders, and hung an american flag. i ran into a few of my runner group friends at the start line and reggie informed there were 22 turns on this course! it was on fremont and through many neighborhoods that didnt have long streets. there was only 1 water station 1/2 way, i was so glad i brought my own water! mostly flat course and i felt like i was running well. i had no idea that i was running that well!!  omg, look at that pace! i think that is my fastest pace ever, major pr:) i met up with my runner group after and some were headed out to add on another 10, i happily headed to breakfast with my mom to make her a training plan for the vegas race!

i run for mandy chang.

total for the week = 21.84 miles + 2 days of cross training

i was super proud of my week! i hit over 20 in miles, thats awesome! i really liked doing my long run on sunday and doing some different things in my training week. the remeberance run on saturday was so well done, i cant say enough good things about it. one of the coolest things was the way people talked about it, it wasnt a race, it was a run. people getting together to do their part, paying their respects, and supporting an amazing cause.

27 days till the long beach 1/2 marathon!!


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