Sunday, September 18, 2011

the week 15 recap.

what a week! this is usually the week things pile up, and boy did they ever. i am nearing my race and that means lots of miles/trainings which really means i am exhausted. we have a class starting a work in the next few weeks so its nuts there, and my own class is kicking my butt! this doesnt account for anything at home which is fairly mellow, but still has its moments. it is however weeks like this that i love my training because it allows me an escape from the outside world even if its only for a 4 miler.


i decided to move my long runs to sunday mornings a few weeks ago, but with the 9/11 run on saturday i knew there was no way i was getting out the door for an 11 miler the next morning. so i planned it later in the week and took a nice rest day at home.

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =44:45 minutes/9:28 min/mile.

finally it was time to meet with my runner group again this week! even though i had just seen a few on saturday, it wasnt the same as the monday crew. we added a few from the group that runs on wednesday with us this week. it brought us to the grand total of 5! right now, this is exciting lol. i ran with debi for a little bit. ok i tried to keep up with debi up the hill as she was hurting from her workout that morning. it was great to talk to her a little bit! she even asked if i would start heading up the monday night group! she is there quite a bit, but gone more than she would like and needs somebody who is always there (me!) to head the group if she isnt. were hoping for some more runners now that it is almost cooling down and vegas is 77 days away (thank you daily mile countdown). i was sooo stoked! i of course said yes and told her any time you need me, im there:)
while 90* may feel cooler, you can still sweat like a beast!
tuesday~11 miles. 
11.3 miles =1:52:12 minutes/9:55 min/miles.

i had planned to drive up to the north rainbow gym (my true love) to log my miles this week since it would be after work tuesday. packed my gym bag and 2 lunches and was ready to go. then we had a downpour, literally all tuesday morning and clouds/thunderstorms that were going to last the rest of the day. the storm was awesome, from the safety of my apartment. as the work day wore on i was a little nervous about driving up to rainbow because when it rains in vegas drivers freak out! and i did not want to be on the road with them. the temperature was also fantastic and i decided to just go home and run outside instead. it was still cloudy when i put my ipod in my ears and was ready to go. i had this feeling though that i was going to get 2 miles into this sucker and it was going to clear up and be sunny. well it took exactly that long! even with the sun it was still cool and i was able to find a little bit of shade from the trees until about mile 5 when the clouds rolled in again. this run went by so fast! and it felt really good.

wednesday~spin class.
6am spin class.

my regular teacher was there again this week, i think that makes it 3 weeks in a row! this was a good class and i left nice and sweaty. i earned my power nap! then i woke up late for work. i decided to grab an egg/ham/cheddar sandwich on the way too work from einsteins. they are a little calorie heavy, but i was starving and didnt have enough time to eat ample amount of food. of course the line was forever long and i ran a few minutes late to work. i sat down to eat my sandwich and opened it up to find there was no ham! awesome. i should have just grabbed the delicious looking chocolate chip muffin in the case instead. see what happens when i try to be good and get lots of protein and carbs in my meals.

thursday~body pump.

i was all ready to go wednesday night when i went to bed. set out my clothes in the bathroom like i always do and had planned the rest of morning after. flaw in the plan? i never set my alarm. so when i woke up thursday morning and saw sunlight i knew it was way too late. i rolled over to see the clock flash 645a and decided it was too late for anything. so i rolled over and enjoyed another glorious hour of sleep! i decided it was my subconscious telling me i needed a rest, so i took it.

friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =51:26 minutes/9:53 min/mile.

you would think by know i would just put on my training plan that fridays are 5 milers. it was a little harder to get out of bed this morning after missing body pump yesterday. but i am always so glad i did when i get on the road. this one felt good and the extra day of rest was great. plus friday breakfast was the highlight of my whole day. each friday our fantastic custodian vicente makes breakfast for the staff. everything from breakfast sandwiches to pancakes. now, pancakes used to be my favorite, but i am really starting to lean to breakfast sandwiches and burritos as my new favorite. today was pancakes, eggs, fruit, and sausage. you can keep the sausage-yuck. but the very best part was the divider plates for all the food! i really hate my food touching, and syrup is the worst of all. usually i will take a serparate bowl/cup full of syrup back to my desk. not today! it was beautiful:)
perfect little place for my syrup in the upper right part of the plate:)

after this crazy week i was glad for a weekend off. my parents came over in the morning to help us hang a shelf over the couch (its a really long and hilarious story that i will share sometime in the near future) and have breakfast. i cooked and the boys used the powertools. afterwards i went to get my hair conditioned, its hell having curly hair in the desert. and then came home to do the normal saturday errands and just hang out. it was a great day!

total for the week = 21.22 miles + 1 cross training day

i felt like this was super productive week. even though it was super crazy and overwhelming most days, i got a lot done. things at home, work, and in training. plus i got my class and paper due under control for now. i took an unplanned rest day, but thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. ooo cookies sound delicious!

20 days till the long beach 1/2 marathon!!!

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