Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the april training recap.

total mileage: 176.05 miles!!
# runs/mileage: 10/42.61 miles
# rides/mileage: 8/117.14 miles
# swim/meters: 8/8,550 meters
highest weekly mileage: 64.32 miles
# rest days: 11
favorite run: the warrior dash! the full recap is coming soon, but seriously the craziest thing ive done and so worth all the mud :)
most hardcore run: the rage run. my head was super in it and ready to go. my body not so much. getting the 2 to catch up with each other was rough and took awhile. but i finished! 
current reads: the last night at chateau marmont by lauren weisberger. i love her! she wrote the devil wears prada and i have been in love ever since. her new one comes out this summer, i cant wait!
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: giving back all the tri stuff i borrowed. hehe. the feeling i had giving back sandy her bike and loading all the books derrick gave me into the car to return was such a freeing feeling.
current obsession: a very important lottery i got into...
current drink: nothing new to be honest.
current song: anything by luke bryan! tiffany and i saw him on fremont at the end of march and let me tell you, if hes coming to town near you its a must to go see him! amazing in concert and damn does he have a cute butt:)
current wish-list: to make my big girl debt go away. i keep thinking i have it just figured out something else fun comes up i want to do! now its nothing crazy out of control, just more than i would like to be there. can i just go back to being a kid again?! haha.
current need: honestly nothing. i am pretty content right now:)
current triumph: becoming a triathlete and a warrior in the same month!
current bane of my existence: helping my body figure out this weird in between time. it was willing to take the time last week since it was just after a race, but this week and going forward might be a bit difficult. if i can make through this training cycle, i can make through anything!
current goal: to love my rest time. sometimes for a runner its hard to do that, which i know sounds silly. but this may be exactly what i need :)
current indulgence: ice cream. its always one of the first things to come back after a race, and dang i missed it! 
blizzards make everything better:)
current excitement: to tell people i am a triathlete. you may doubt me, but bring it on. i can take it and conquer it!


Megan said...

Freaking awesome recap! Yay for April, yay for the tri, yay for Warrior Dash!

PS. You never "stay" in my reader feed from my blog homepage. Frustrating!

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Okay so you rocked the whole month of April with all that mileage!!

So...You got into the NWM??!!?? That's super exciting!!!

And also I just realized that there's a tiny chance that you might be in the background of one of my Warrior Dash photos - how strange is that? When Lance took a pic of the giant pile of shoes you can see someone climbing on top of the big warrior helmet in the background, I think it might be you guys, but maybe not? haha

~*katy beth*~ said...

thats so weird @megan! and thank you, it was quite the month :)

i did get into nike!! the full post is coming soon:) @nicole i looked at the picture and i dont think its us, but not sure, maybe!

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