Friday, May 11, 2012

the whats next question.

it seems as soon as i come back from a race, any race, the first question out of peoples mouths is "so whats next on your crazy race calendar?" well as soon as the triathlon was over i had the warrior dash the next weekend. it fell perfectly and we had a blast!

in between the 2 races i got the BEST racing news ever...i won the lottery!!!! thats right after 2 years i finally got in to the nike womens marathon and 1/2 marathon :):) after months of waiting to register, then waiting weeks, to find out if i made it i got the greatest facebook post that i was in! richard came running into the room when he was up for the gym that i needed to check my email cause i got in, he was so excited :)

after that question was answered, the next was who was i taking? this has been a question in my house for 2 years, well really 3 since i found out about the race on a trip to san francisco. its a special place to me as i would love to live there one day, but also to richard and i. that was our 1st trip together after only 3 months of dating and essentially the make it or break it as most people said to our relationship. its where we really grew close and he told me he loved me for the 1st time :) however it is an all-womens race and my mom has always said, you wont go without me would you?
san francisco:)
the moment i fell in love with the race!
i was having a really hard time trying to decide when i got a text message from one of my best friends jessica congratulating me on getting in and asking who i was taking. she had already hopped online to find cheap plane tickets and was ready to go if i said yes! i wanted to take them all and richard and my mom were constantly trying to one up each other, at one point richard was talking about making charts/graphs to win his place on the trip ha! it was hilarious and soo sweet that they both wanted to go so badly. richard even sweetened the pot with the idea of staying an extra few days and spending time just the 2 of us. while i loved the sentiment, an idea popped in my head. what if we all go together on friday, then the family (which of course means jessica) heads home monday morning, then richard and i can stay till wednesday for some time together! 
its gonna be a reunion!!
hopefully my brother will make it too!
after passing everyone and the go-ahead from all parties we are all heading to san francisco on october 12th!!! there are already conversations about signs and having t-shirts made, ha! i also get to meet this awesome girl who i teamed up with and got us in :) i seriously cant wait. i realize that is like the understatement of the year. i mean all of my co-workers bombarded me when they found out the news, guess everyone knew who bad i wanted this :)

155 days and counting...

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Megan said...

Okay, 2013. We'll get a group. I MUST DO IT.

I'm so excited for you! Yayyyyy!

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