Friday, May 18, 2012

the 3 year runniversary

today is an important and fun day for me. it is the exact day, 3 years ago that i took my first steps running :) if you missed it last year here is the whole story! the short version is i had always put a 1/2 marathon on my bucket list but continued to think it wasnt the right time to train and actually do it. till i visited a very wise friend in nashville and he told me it was never going to be the perfect time, i would just need to do it. turned out to be good advice as i sit here 3 years later with a million things changed since receiving that fantastic advice.

not everything has been running related though. for example...
*i met richard which changed everything (for the best!). i learned what it was really like to have a supportive boyfriend that would wake up wayyy before any normal person to come with me to watch me run, i mean how awesome is that :) 
love :)
*i started a blog! i always loved writing and thought a blog would be so cool but had no idea what i would write about, until i moved in with a boy.
*i started my masters degree! something i never thought i would do, ever. its like running has made me reach for higher things :)

now the running stuff! in the last year i have grown as a runner like crazy and even switched my view on a few things. 

#5 the long beach marathon and half maradthon
long beach, california
october 9th, 2011
finished in 2:03:56!! after not getting into my dream race and my original one being cancelled i decided it was all a sign to get me back to long beach. this time it was just richard and i on our own adventure. my secret goal was to break 2:10:00 and i had no idea that the feeling of the course flying by was really happening until i crossed the finish line to find richard and hear the unbelievable news!! 
running and vacation :)

 #6 rock and roll vegas marathon and half marathon
las vegas, nevada
december 4th, 2011
 finished in 2:00:38!! i had no intentions of running this race so close to long beach, until i heard it was at night on the strip. just like that i had signed up and was doing the quickest turnaround ever. i crossed my fingers for a sub-2:00 and came so incredibly close. by now youve heard all the craziness with the race, the mass people, the water claims, and the changes that are coming for next year. if i had to rewind and do it all again...totally signing up:)
theres always a plan ;)

#7 tinkerbell inaugural half marathon
anaheim, ca
january 29th, 2012
 finished in 2:05:30!! this race was all about fun. it was the last one in my crazy 15 week schedule and i am so glad tinkerbell was last. they took us a different route than the disneyland half in september and being all-womens i got to start in corral a! that meant shorter lines at the characters and a finish time i didnt even fathom. plus i got to participate in my moms "last 1/2." thats what she tells me anyway ;)
no disney adventure is complete without mickey!

 #1 (and only) the rage triathlon
las vegas, nv
april 21st, 2012
 finished in 5:14:31!! i finished. that was all that mattered at the end of the day. it was the hardest thing i have ever done and i am glad i can cross it off the bucket list. and somehow it refocused my love for running. it made me realize this is my true sport and the thing i will always stick with. 

best support team ever!

this year i also remembered what it was like to have fun while running and it didnt have to be time goals or worrying about mileage all the time. its good to have a blast too!

the color run!
2/25 las vegas, nv
the warrior dash!
4/28 phoenix, az
 i cant wait to see where this next year will take me:) now its time to celebrate!


Vanessa said...

I need to put more effort in attending your events lol. This way I can be your official race photographer! :P

Megan said...

Love your runniversary! I'm not sure what I'll count as mine... guess I should figure that out!

And one day... we'll run together. :)

~*katy beth*~ said...

yes, 1 day we will!! :)

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Congratulations!! You had an AMAZING year of running and fabulous races :) And since you got into NWM I am sure that this year will be pretty awesome as well!

~*katy beth*~ said...

thank you :) this year was more than i thought it could be. and this one coming up, i got big plans!

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