Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the may foodie penpal.

can you believe that today is the last day of may?? how did that happen? how is it officially summer? the first part of this year has flown by! may now also makes my 3rd month in the new foodie penpal adventure. it seriously is so fun if you dont already partake, please sign up. you never know, we might get matched up! heres the way it works if you havent heard...

*each month you are paired up with a new blogger or reader in a different part of the country.
*on the 5th of each month you will receive your penpal and have 48 hours to contact them.
*now who you send to will be sending to someone else, so it is almost a pay it forward thing!
*there is a $15 limit on the package you send and it is filled with all your favorite things. local favorites, healthy or splurge snacks. emails are exchanged to find out about dietary restrictions (diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc) and if there is anything you just plain dont like. it may be 1 large item or a few small items, up to the sender. and away you go!
*you must also include something written like a note or card or recipe, its up to you.
*by the 15th of the month you must drop it in the mail and at the end of the month everyone posts on the same day!
so onto the deliciousness of this month! i was graciously sent a box by willow and got to put together my own package for a reader named jo ann. ::side note. do you guys send your boxes through the post office?! i know lindsay always reminds us this is a good idea, but seriously it is soooo much easier, faster, and cheaper than going through a ups!:: i got that lovely orange slip in my mailbox on friday afternoon that meant i had a package and richard picked it up for me saturday morning so i had a fun box when i came home from work! there were lots of new things this month and a few that were a little outside my normal comfort zone. but i mean this is the whole point, finding new foods you may never try on your own. 
yum, yum!
i was super excited about the trail mix 1st thing. i have seen it everywhere recently and been wanting to try it. this one has a little cinnamon something in it along with cranberries, its delicious! the raspberry lemonade is yummy, very summery and perfect for this time of the year. i am always up for trying new bars which she included a couple. a new bar in a previous package has become my new favorite. the soy chips i actually passed on to a friend that loved them because im not really a bbq fan. but dont worry, they went to a good home:) willows hand written note explained everything and the last line was my favorite. "and, no box is complete without chocolate!" this was of course what i dug into 1st :) you never know when a wrapping talks about a certain amount of cocoa, but dang this one was/is super good! i am holding on to my last few pieces and am so glad im the only that eats chocolate at my house:) 

thank you willow and jo ann, who i got a very sweet email from thanking me so much for her package! the box was great and filled with lots of new things. if you havent signed up, head over to this page at the lean green bean blog and sign up for next month!

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