Monday, September 3, 2012

the august 2012 running recap.

total run mileage: 75.27 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 18.41 miles
# runs: 12
# rest days: 15
# xtraining workouts: 6
favorite run: the police and fire 10k! it was my very 1st race 3 years ago and i returned so much stronger this year. plus i took 1st place in my age group for the 1st time:)
three peeps from my runner group
and we all took 1st in our age groups!
 most hardcore run: the et 1/2marathon! those 1st 6.5 miles straight uphill with an 800 feet gain was no joke. i had a great time at the race and am super glad i did it, but dang some warning about that hill would have been nice!
1/2 marathon #8 complete!
current reads: omg i am bad about this again! this month seemed to just slip away and i was wayy to crazy to even think about reading. i dont even think i read my runners world magazine this month, yikes!
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: all of the drooling ive been doing over all things pumpkin! now pretty much everywhere else in the country its not crazy to start buying these things, but here in vegas were still in triple digits folks. its hard to justify busting out my favorite fall candles when its 101*.
current obsession: bean chips. yes, i really said that, and meant it. who am i? and by that i mean one specific kind at trader joes (another new obsession!). i never ever thought i would eat something like this, but i love them!
current drink: water, water, and more water!
current song: wanted by hunter hayes. something every girl should feel :)
current wish-list: dang i wish i could take part in all the back to school sales! there are some good ones out there and i would love some new clothes to add to my wardrobe. maybe one day soon...
current need: a little bit more courage to try out some of the great recipes i have found on some food blogs. i am always so afraid i am going to put all this effort into making this really delicious sounding food with some new ingredients to me and it will taste gross. now the few things ive made have come out pretty great actually, but ive played it a little safe.
the zesty lime shrimp and avocado
salad i made from skinnytaste!
it came outdelicious:)
current triumph: sticking hard core to my food plan. i will be writing a whole thing about this in the next few days, but just now that you can take charge and your own decisions dont always have to be the same for the rest of your life!
current bane of my existence: that my money did not stay where it was supposed to after asking it so nicely last month. things came up, surprise, surprise, and im not as wild about the reallocation as i was the original plan. oh being an adult:)
current goal: stay on track! it may sound silly, but sometimes that’s a really hard thing. and not just with my training plan but also school, work, and my new way of eating!
current indulgence: well i had to give up ice cream at the end of august so i definitely tried to fit as much of that in as possible. i also discovered quite a few options that are a little healthier and still taste great!
current excitement: with all the tweets/pics/facebook updates happening over the weekend about the disneyland half and my bit of jealousy for not being there…it made me super excited for nike next month!! i cant believe i can finally say its next month. get ready san francisco, im coming!! 


Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

Congrats on your win at the 10K. That's awesome!

Damn that money for not staying where it was supposed to! :)

Megan said...


I'm curious to hear about your food plan. Post soon!

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

I love SkinnyTaste! She has lots of good recipes - Much much healthier than mine too ;)

I know how you feel about the Disneyland half - all the posts/tweets about it made me wish I had signed up! But I've got Wine & Dine soon!

~*katy beth*~ said...

the money never really seems to actually do that haha. but its nice to dream:) and dont worry i will be posting all about my food tomorrow!

ps i will be equally as jealous when you ladies get to go wine and dine in november:)

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