Thursday, August 11, 2011

the 2 year anniversary.

being the hopeless romantic that i am, i had been looking forward to our anniversary for awhile. richard actually brought up the ideas first! now by brought up ideas, i mean asked what i wanted to do. we had a bit of a different idea of what we were each thinking. i wanted to get away and stay somewhere like lake las vegas for saturday night. richard was thinking lets stay in town, take the money and see a show. i liked both ideas, i was a little more hopeful for mine because it would be a chance for both of us to relax after a crazy month and a half. i did really like the idea of seeing a cirque-du-solei show, as i had never seen one before. i just wasnt sure we were going to have the money to see one.
we do live in a pretty cool place!
the other thing i was struggling with was the gift. when you are searching for an anniversary gift it shouldnt be something they need, it should be something they want, if even that. and not something you can ask them what they want. i decided a few weeks ahead that i was going to help richard upgrade to 2011 with a new phone. he had the very first touchscreen phone from sprint and was badly in need of a new phone, plus it was time to get a new contract anyway. i had gone back and forth, because it was a little expensive. but i had saved the money and was ready to spend!

the 18th was a monday so we had decided to celebrate the weekend before our actual anniversary.  somehow i scored the weekend off so we were able to spend the whole weekend together. richard had planned out our saturday night and i was ready for an evening alone with my love. i was still trying to figure out when/how to get richard his gift. i couldnt go in and pay for it on my own because i didnt know exactly which one he wanted and i didnt have his account info. so i decided to try and have him help me figure it out before hand. well that went extremely awry.

a few days before our anniversary richards phone started to die. and by die i mean couldnt send a text unless someone else sent it first. then it went really down hill. it got to the point where his phone didnt even turn on. so he went to the sprint store to try and get a replacement, but i was afraid they would talk him into a new one. so as he was leaving that morning i had to tell him the surprise. i was a little sad to have to tell him so early, but so excited to get him something he would love. his response was the exact opposite of what i expected, he said he already knew, and i had been giving it away all week. i was super upset and felt like i should had try to keep a better secret. i also got the complete opposite of the happy/excited face. i woke up from my power nap pretty distraught and not sure he even wanted the phone. i kept feeling like my surprises just were good enough.

we decided to go to the sprint store that saturday since we were going to spend the day together. we also had to have a not so fun conversation about me wanting him to be surprised and show me that and him hoping that i can reel in the little bit of crazy girl i let out sometimes. we both realized as amazing as our relationship is and we that we do have an incredibly strong base, but there is always something to work on. now it may not be huge, because both these were not, however if you dont talk and take care of something like this quickly it can blow up into something huge.

when saturday rolled around it was perfect. we went to the sprint store and spent 2 hours finding the best phone for him. and he took me out that night for dinner and to my favorite place, the bellagio conservatory. we got to get dressed up and spent the talking and laughing together, just the 2 of us. we bonded over a death by chocolate dessert at jean phillipes behind the conservatory.
seriously yum!
once we got home we spent the night curled up on the couch watching things on our dvr. when we finally decided to go to bed that night i had gone into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. after i was finished i went to crawl into bed discovering richard scrolling through all the apps on his phone saying in awe that he could never get through them all. i knew he loved the phone:)

sunday was a little up and down with the womens world cup game. and i broke my anniversary present:( i am literally the worlds biggest klutz and knocked it on the floor to see it instantly break. richard was more upset about the broken pieces then i have ever seen him. i thought he was going to storm out, he couldnt even look at me. i kept telling him i could fix it with glue, they were very clean breaks, and apologizing over and over again. he just didnt believe me and that put him in an awful mood for the game. we almost stayed home for the game because of the mornings events. finally, almost right before we left, we both stopped putting up walls and let our guards down to accept the other persons apology.
a new snow white for my collection:)
we ended up meeting our friends downtown and i am so thankful we did. we got a few drinks in ourselves and had something else to focus on. the women's team ended up losing the game and it was pretty awful. but it made us get over the argument from the morning. i was pretty upset after the game and richard was right there to help me. it was so much more than a game for me.

after a rocky few days before it was a great weekend together. even with the little mishap sunday. we seem to do these little hiccups around big events. sometimes you forget how long you have been together and what that should mean until you have something like an anniversary come up. that tends to bring up serious feelings that you didnt know where there. as long as you can talk about it to each other, you can make it through anything. communication is the key:)
2 amazing years together:)

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