Sunday, August 28, 2011

the week 12 recap.

this week i finally stuck to the plan!! i did increase the mileage a little bit, but i did all the right training on all the right days. yay me :) i realized this week that long beach is only 6 weeks away and started to freak a bit. i had a really good training week and it definitely helped calm my fears. plus i officially signed up for the race and we booked our hotel today! we are really going!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =50:00 minutes/10:35 min/mile.

so glad i got to meet with my runner group this week! it was a scorcher this week all the way around. we were getting ready for an excessive heat warning tuesday afternoon through friday. i thought that meant a bit of a cooler run monday night, mmm not so much. i got a facebook message from our leader debi that i had to be her this week and she was expecting all these new people. turns out it was the same fearless four! we set out with jerry and richard way out front with derrick and i bringing up the rear. it was so hot we actually took a bit of a break at the top of the hill to keep from over heating and take in some extra water. the fasties up front even kept my slower pace which i picked up to meet a little in the middle on the way back so we could all finish together. it was cool to have new runners buddies at my pace.
this is what they say...

this is what it really is...

tuesday~8 miles.
8.85 miles =1:31:00 minutes/10:16 min/mile.

seems like i cant keep to my suggested mileage on my long runs! at least im going over and not struggling and having to cut it short. this week i stretched it a little further before work and definitely felt it all day. i pushed myself monday night at the runner group to keep up with the fasties and it was so warm. i also dont think i slept enough. i was hoping for a bit of a faster time and even got up earlier to beat the sun a little. it for sure helped, but as soon as it came up it upped the temp big time. when i got back i felt good and really hungry, always a good sign. plus i scored a really good power nap before work!
pure happiness in regrets after my run this morning!

wednesday~spin class.
6am spin class.

this week i worked up the sweat i always hope for! again, i know more sweat does not always mean more work, but sometimes it feels so good. the music this week was not so great and i still feel like my teacher is learning the ropes. but it was a good class.

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class.

melanie was back this week and all was right in the class! it was packed this week and i ran a few minutes late which was just long enough to kick me out of my regular spot and get squished in the front. all i cared is that melanie was back and the class was tough!

friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =50:23 minutes/9:41 min/mile.

i felt really great at the end of this run! such a strong finish to the week and so glad i added on the extra mile. i was hoping to miss the excessive heat warning by having my last outside run on friday. thankfully was lucky enough to score the only morning with a few clouds! they were right on the horizon and kept the direct sunlight off of me for my most of my run.



total for the week = 18.77 miles + 2 days of cross training.

this was a great training week and i feel like i finally have the training thing under control knock on wood. i say that now haha! these last few weeks have been pretty crazy with training and work and school. im feeling great about this training cycle and my 2 days off this weekend from work and everything else really helped me get things back under control!

41 days till the long beach half marathon!! 

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