Sunday, August 21, 2011

the week 11 recap.

i know, i know i keep deviating from the plan, but some weeks life just gets in the way. i found out after making my training plan that my family was coming into town midweek for some r&r. so that meant i had to make some tweaks from the plan. i also had a big change to the race schedule this week! the five cities marathon and half marathon in covina, ca notified its participants that they would no longer be having a race. long beach, which has been running for 25 years, is the same weekend and five cities doesnt have enough participation to put on an event. i signed up for five cities because i didnt want to go back to long beach since i had run it once. but i decided maybe this was my sign to go back! so new path, same training plan:)
im ready!

monday~4-5 miles.
7.87 miles =1:18:15 minutes/9:56 min/mile.

going to bed sunday night i was still contemplating whether to fit in my long run monday morning or tuesday before meeting my family for dinner. waking up monday morning i decided to just go for it! i really like doing my long run in the beginning of the week. this monday it was a little bit warmer than i would have liked and i was hoping for a slightly faster time. but i was able to finish strong and pace myself well. i made it home for my power nap but didnt really enjoy it because i kept having weird dreams! i also realized this should be my farthest run before work. this one left me pretty sore and torn up the rest of the day.

tuesday~7 miles.
4.21 miles =40:40 minutes/9:39 min/mile.

i had thought about sleeping in that morning and doing the run at night, but i was meeting my family for dinner that night so i had to keep it in the morning. after feeling pretty torn up all day monday i wanted to take it easy on tuesday and keep it to 4 miles. the wind was blowin in my face basically the whole time and i was ready to get this run over almost after i started. i definitely remembered why i always run to my farthest point first so i cant chicken out on the rest of the distance! i was really glad when this one was over.

6am spin class.

this week was a better class, but i still dont feel like i am sweating enough in this class. i know that more sweat doesnt always mean burning more calories. however i like to sweat it all out sometimes and start the day fresh. maybe next week...

thursday~body pump.
body pump=1 hour head to toe workout.

we had a sub this week that had NO idea what he was doing! he tried really hard, but his accent was super thick making it even harder to understand. the class also must have known we were having a sub because half of the regulars werent even there. like i have said before though, sometimes its about getting it in. plus this afternoon i had to go to "jail" at work to raise money for our scholarship program. my bail was $50 and people could donate money to bail me out or keep me in! i was all for it, and i got free pizza:)

my jail cell!
friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =51:00 minutes/9:49 min/mile.

i woke up today determined to finish the week with 5 miles under my belt. i had big plans with my best friend tiffany to go to country fest at night and wanted to start the day right. to make myself finish the right miles i headed out on the 5 mile route on purpose. sometimes as much of a psychy thing as a physical thing. i was still pretty sore from my earlier runs this week and was definitely glad i had 2 days of cross training so my body could recover a little bit on the running side. i was actually able to finish the run strong and was super glad i decided on the 5 miles!
sometimes i think i should have been a cowgirl:)


total for the week = 17.28 miles + 2 days of cross training.

this week was pretty tough after that early week run. i hadnt really gotten enough rest the night before or the whole weekend with the bachelorette party, which was totally worth it. i was super glad i got my long run in on monday though. i might not have been able to put the miles in by doing it tuesday. now off to book my hotel for long beach!

48 days till the long beach half marathon!

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