Sunday, August 14, 2011

the week 10 recap.

this weekend was kristins bachelorette party in phoenix! i was so ready for a girls weekend with some of my favorite people. so i had to get all my training in during the week! it was time to get serious about my mileage and add another one on to my long run.
working for the weekend!

monday~4-5 miles
4.72 miles =50 minutes/10:35 min/mile.

i met up with my runner group monday evening to see my temperature gauge tipping the 110*. we hadnt had a week this hot in a long time and it definitely showed in my time. i was planning on doing this mileage and glad that i stuck to it. once i got to the turn around point i actually had to sit down in the shade for a few minutes because i felt a little dizzy and knew my body was overheating. good thing it was downhill and flat all the way back to the shop. i felt fine once i got back and took in a lot more water. these are the things you have to be careful of in the summertime.

tuesday~6 miles
body pump=1 hour head to toe workout.

originally i was scheduled for my long run of the week, but i decided to do it wednesday before work. so i had to switch it up for body pump class. the tuesday class is taught with 2 instructors each doing 1/2 the class. melanie is my normal teacher and she did the 2nd 1/2. i am not really a fan of the 1st instructor, but this week she was actually really good this week. plus i got my power nap in after:)
funnel cakes, yum. this is why i have to workout haha!

wednesday~spin class
6.73 miles =1:09:00 minutes/10:15 min/mile.

i woke up wednesday feeling really good for my long run. i did this one outside instead of the treadmill. it was a great choice! the run felt tough enough to push through but smooth. i added on to my 5 mile route and ended up making it further than 6 miles to get all the way home. it still felt really good. and still scored about an hr and a 1/2 nap after before work!

thursday~body pump class
6 am spin class.  

since i moved some things around this week i decided to try out a new spin class. the original teacher was not there so the 1st teacher of the day subbed in. of course her specialty was rpm class, which is so not my favorite. its an interval training class that i dont feel like i get nearly the workout like a regular spin class. sometimes though, its about getting it done!

friday~4 miles
5.2 miles =50:15 minutes/9:39 min/mile.

i had been feeling really good about my training this week so i woke up friday morning hoping i would still feel that way and be able to do 5 miles. i took the route that i really designed for that mileage and i dont even know where the 4 mile cutoff would be, mostly on purpose. i felt pretty good the whole way and the last 1/2 mile i got an extra burst of momentum. my hip started to throb as soon as i stopped and i was afraid it was going to be paying back all day. after my shower though it felt a lot better and i was able to walk around with no pain.


it was low-key and had zero drama, it was soooo fun!
now thats what i call rest:)


total for the week = 16.65 miles + 2 days of cross training. 

it was a good training week! my long run was really good and felt positive about the way i am going to my next race. this may be a bit different than my original training plan, but i am getting it all in and thats whats important:) also this weekend i got confirmation that kinna is going to come to vegas for the 1/2 marathon in december! i am so stoked to have another friend to complete the race. plus this will be her 1st, such an awesome thing to be a part of!

55 days till the five cities 1/2 marathon!!

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