Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the race season craziness.

i start making my race calendar in the beginning of the year. i like to have a plan, i like to know where im going and when race day is. i knew last year that nashville was an absolute must for me. next i had to start looking at the rest of the year.

my ultimate dream race is the nike womens half marathon in san francisco on october16th. 20,000 women running through the streets of san francisco? sign me up! however there are quite a few hoops to jump through. first you must stalk the website to see when the sign up will be, there is only a 10 day window. once you do you get to wait. and wait. and wait. finally about 2 months later they pick up a day and start notifying runners through email on an hourly basis. so then you are stalking your email. now there are about 40,000+ women that register for the half and full marathon with only 20,000 runners picked.
while i was (not so) patiently waiting, the las vegas marathon released their big draw for the year, the race was to be run at night on the strip! you would think living in las vegas i would have done the race in the last 2 years. but it just hadnt fit into my race schedule. i wasnt really sure that it was going to this year, but i was not about to miss the race being run this way for the first time! there was only a 7 week turnaround from nike to las vegas and i was a little nervous. i have never done a turnaround that fast. however i was not going to miss either opportunity!
i found out shortly after that i didnt get into nike:( i got the email the next day when they were notifying the non-participants. i had made a back up plan in running the five cities marathon and half in covina, ca on october 9th. i thought about going back to long beach but decided on this one instead. it was an inaugural race and was planned to be a bit smaller than i was used. i decided this was a good thing and was excited about a new challenge.

just when i was already to book the hotel, i got a sucky email stating the five cities marathon and half marathon is officially canceled! apparently someone does not know how to check a race calendar and they scheduled it the same weekend as long beach which has been running for 25+ years and is a massive race. five cities did not have the participation level they needed to sponsor a race. so after being really mad and a frustrated phone call to richard, i decided it was time to head back to long beach! looks like the 3rd pick for the race is a charm!
just when i thought i was done, run disney announced they were debuting a new race. they did a rather lame clue game in which no one guessed the answer too. all i cared about was a new race because seriously, disney does it right. all their events are awesome! finally after a few weeks they released the new all womens race called the tinkerbell half marathon at disneyland on january 29th! well as soon as i found that out i was on the phone with my mom and were trying to say no, but it was just not happening. there is only an 8 week turnaround from vegas to tinkerbell. however there was no way we were missing a new all-womens disney race and it was so close! plus we already had outfits picked out before we even got off the phone. what can i say we are girls:)
so here it is, officially. my insane fall/winter race schedule for everyone to see:
in 6 weeks...
7 weeks later...
8 weeks after that....
rest, finally!

yes i know this is crazy! and it is 3 races in 15 weeks. i will also say i have promised my family when i am done with tinkerbell i will not race more than a 5k for at least 4 months. i can still run and train, but no races! there i said it, its out there for everyone to see:) this will be the most intense thing i have ever done. it sounds nutty now that it is officially on here. but it will be an amazing feat when i am finished! i have been bitten by the race bug! cant wait to take you all with me on this running adventure:)

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