Saturday, October 1, 2011

the september running recap.

total run mileage: 92.66 miles
highest weekly run mileage: 27.47 miles
# runs: 13
# rest days: 9
# xtraining workouts: 7
favorite run: the 9/11 by far. it wasn’t a race, it was a run. i got a kick ass time out of the run and had a blast meeting up with my runner friends. plus showing our patriotism in a run is one of the best ways to give back.
 most hardcore run: my 12 miler was definitely in this category. the longest run for my training cycle and it combined all my routes together. allowed me to really see where im at and i felt awesome afterward, so accomplished.
current reads:  heart of the matter by emily giffin!  im still trying to finish this book! i know, i know. im right at the end i promise!
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: looking at all of the holiday decorations! its only october 1st for goodness sakes and i have already been plotting and planning since the beginning of september about what i want this year. oh goodness!
current obsession: FALL TV!!! i am sooooo excited it is finally time for all the season premieres:)
current drink: water, water, and more water. oh and sweet tea of course!
current song: fish by craig campbell. so good!
current wish-list: an ipad! i finally decided i want one. i did my research and comparison to other tablets and have come to the conclusion this will be my new love.  worked out my budget and i will be the proud new owner at the end of november!
current need: to expand my winter weather running clothes. yes, i live in the desert and it is still hitting 100* some days. but, winter comes in fast here and my winter running clothes are scare! plus this stuff is expensive!
current triumph: the 20+ mileage weeks I had in this training cycle!
current bane of my existence: the month of september is supposed to bring a little bit cooler temps and fall? maybe las vegas didn’t get the memo that we do not need 100* days anymore.
current goal: to rock an a/a+ in my leadership in education class. its almost over and i am going to have to get cranking in october to finish it all by the 13th. i got a 97% in my first class and really want to keep it up through the 2nd one.
current indulgence: at this stage in the training extra goodies are getting fewer and fewer! but some albertsons stores sell natural chocolate things by the pound. i am totally in love with the dark chocolate covered almonds and the sno-caps!
yum yum!

current excitement:
1.   long beach is soooo close!  i am ready for #5 :)
2.   finally, finally, finally, my brother is home from deployment! we just picked him up the 29th!! (more on that story later)

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