Sunday, November 20, 2011

the 3 weeks to vegas recap.

after moving so many things around last week i had to continue with that for this week too. ok, all of my weeks are going to not be following the original training plan till the actual race. i added a few things, had to move up a long run or 2, and still had to get all the training in. but i have a new plan and it allows for all those things to happen!

sunday~10 miles.

i took full advantage of the impromptu race day by sleeping in, grocery shopping, and watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 with richard. it was a low-key day and thats exactly what i wanted.
monday~4-5 miles.
5.12 miles =50:12 minutes/9:48 min/miles.

there was only 3 of us this week and we were all looking for a slower pace, exactly like we did. i got off early and went home to finish up my midterm. going home early from work was great, getting myself off my comfortable couch to meet the group, not so easy. it was a little warmer this week and we tacked on the extra 1/2 mile to make it just over 5. felt good and so glad i was there:)
post runner group/turned in
my midterm successfully treat:)
5.31 miles =52:18 minutes/9:50 min/miles.

i woke up ready to go and kind of excited about a run on a usual rest day. my body however was not so excited at all. i just couldnt seem to find my rhythm, my head was saying yes and my body was saying not so much. i finished it out and at a pretty good pace. i knew it was time to move on though once i got home!
6am spin class.

there seemed to be some new faces in class this week and i realized in a few weeks there are going to be lots of new faces with new years resolutions. about 1/2 way through class i was starving and knew that meant i was working my butt off. i didnt sweat very much this week which was a little sad, but glad i was so hungry. i also realized i only have 1 more spin class in my training cycle! its time to start wrapping everything up, wow.

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump.

we had a sub this week and the microphone went out about mid class so there was lots of screaming instead. and even the screaming didnt mean that we actually heard her. but class was still good and i got hungry again 1/2 way through. i just couldnt seem to get full this week. once home i skipped the nap to finish up my homework because my new toy was supposed to be here thursday. there was quite a bit of screaming when it was delivered to my desk...
soooo super excited!!
then i had to put it in the drawer later on so
i could actually get some work done:)
friday~4 miles.
6.2 miles =57.24 minutes/9:15 min/miles.

after my not so exciting run on tuesday i knew today had to be better. i fell asleep early and didnt have to work friday so i was able to get out the door a little later. i decided to tack on an extra mile this week to the friday special before the run started since i didnt have to be at work. my body felt much better and my pace was great! afterward i got to have my 1st mini-tweetup with a couple local running girls i met! we gathered at packet pickup for the turkey trot so i could meet another girl who couldnt come with us and then we were off to qdoba. it was cool to hear their stories and compare! i also got to meet up with tiffany for dinner that night! it was soo great to catch up a little bit and hear some normal people drama as compared to some crazy things i have been hearing lately.
me, charlene, and jill, my lunch dates!

i got to sleep in, run some errands, play with my new love and show it off to my parents! at the end of my run friday i was really glad i was resting saturday. im not sure why my body needed it so bad, the no rest tuesday, the not great run, or the 5 days in a row, but it was definitely a good thing to have it. good rest day:) 

totals for the week = 16.63 miles + 2 cross-training days.

while it wasnt exactly the plan, i still was able to get it all in. we are really getting toward the end here and its time to make sure i stay strong all the way to the end. the expo is less than 2 weeks away and with thanksgiving and school this upcoming week, the race will be here before i know it! i will finally get to finish out my experiment and see what happens. stay tuned!

14 days to the vegas rock and roll half marathon!!!

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