Sunday, November 13, 2011

the 4 weeks to vegas recap.

with only a few weeks left it is most important now to make sure i get all my training in. sometimes to do that i have to switch things up, and this week i did that all over the place! but i got it all in.

sunday~9 miles.
9.09 miles =1:26:57 minutes/9:33 min/mile.

i finally returned to sunday morning running and could not be happier. i was able to carbo load on saturday night the way i wanted to and able to get out the door when i wanted. with the clocks turned back an hour i was also able to get an extra hour of sleep. it was sooooo cold, i found out later some others took hours to warm up after their long runs. it did give me a dry run on what to expect for my first official winter race though. and that i definitely need more winter running clothes.   
a perfect post long-run breakfast!
(after a nap of course.)
monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =40:30 minutes/8:34 min/mile

our fearless leader debi finally returned this week! we had our biggest group in awhile and i actually felt good keeping up with reggie. the hill up and down almost came easy, almost.  


i gladly took the day off from training after putting in some great miles at the beginning of the week. this was also the day i found out the rest of my week was going to brother was coming home for the weekend and bringing his new girlfriend! we were all going to linner (lunch/dinner) saturday afternoon, then richard and i were planning to go out late that night to go see a dj he liked. i decided then i needed to do my long run saturday instead so i could make sure to get it all in.

wednesday~spin class.
6am spin class   

our class was a little fuller this week! before we know new years will be here and so will the resolutions to lose weight, which means fuller classes. i didnt sweat nearly as much this week but was starving afterwards. always a good sign that you got a good one in:) this seemed to carry through all day. it actually turned out to be a good thing since i was trying a new recipe in the crockpot...macaroni and cheese. omg was it good! pretty rich, i could not make it all the time, but it was delicious.
yum yum!
thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class

walking in the class was super empty, i was shocked. this class is usually packed with regulars and by the time class started it had filled with more people, all new faces. the class was great this week. i felt like i hadnt been in awhile even though i only missed a week. so glad to be back.

friday~4 miles.

with the change up in my long runs i had to squeeze in an extra day of rest and knew that needed to be the day before another long run in the same week. i was sooo glad to take it. school had been kicking my butt in a major way with the midterm due. i pretty much didnt do anything except work, homework, and training. by the time i got home i was so tired i didnt even make dinner, i went to cafe rio for some delicious carbo-loading instead. then i was able to go to bed early. perfect.

11.22 miles =1:46:11 minutes/9:27 min/mile

going to bed at 1015pm made getting up at 5am so much easier. i had to work at 10am so i had to make sure i was up early enough to get in the miles. it was a little warmer today that last sunday after i started. i began feeling good and kept a great tempo the whole way. i was feeling so good that i decided to add an extra mile on to the 10 mile plan. even with the extra mile it was still my fastest long run to date! i seriously felt great and was really glad i could finally add that extra mile.

total for the week = 25.03 miles + 2 days of cross training

these are the kind of weeks you hope for and are so grateful for training to keep the rest of you sane. i think the only way i got through school this week was to have the training to balance it out. i also proved to myself that even when things come up, you are able to get all the things in you need to. i cant believe i only have 1 long run left before the race! it all started to become a little more real when i ordered my race running skirt and it got here 3 days later! its sooo cute and i cant wait to try out the capri skirt:)

21 days to the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!

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