Sunday, November 6, 2011

the 5 weeks to vegas reacp.

happy few days late halloween! this week i finally caught up on things, at least a little bit. i got back on track somewhat with my posts (check them out here and here if you havent). i was also able to regain some focus in my latest class on law and policy in higher education. if you havent seen my facebook/twitter posts about how much i am seriously not loving this class you are missing out haha. moral of the story is there is a reason i didnt go to law school! i even took an extra day off this week to catch up on some sleep. sometimes you just need to take a day for you:)


this was my last sunday with no running for awhile so i definitely made it worth it. i slept late, made pancakes for breakfast, and then we did halloween things! i carved my pumpkin, which i loved. richard tried to do a really cool one, but it didnt turn out so well. we later on decided to get out of the house for some pizza since it was the last day i could have some. afterwards we did what normal people in vegas do haha, went to the conservatory in the bellagio to see the fall flowers. it is one of my most favorite places on the planet so i am always up for going!
monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =46:45 minutes/9:54 min/mile.

there were only a few of us since it was halloween, but we knew that going in. this weeks pace was a little slower and i felt way stronger. up the hill seemed to actually come without much resistance and i wasnt struggling to catch up with the long-legged boys!
happy halloween!!
tuesday~8 miles.
8.17 miles =1:19:30 minutes/9:43 min/mile.

i had a really great start and was feelin good and then about halfway my body was over it. with the run the night before and just wasnt feelin the whole 8 miles. plus it was much cooler and i dont think my body was ready for that. definitely confirmed my decision to go back to sundays.

6am spin class.

this weeks class was much better than last weeks. the music was way smoother and didnt jump around nearly as much. i think my instructor though has decided she is going to be a 60 minute class i just am not diggin it. i like the 55 minutes. gives you enough time to clean up, put away your bike, and be out the door by 7am. for some reason the 5 extra minutes totally throws me off!
finally cold enough for some real comfort food...
homemade chili and cornbread!
thursday~body pump.
45 minutes arc trainer.

i had my alarm all set and ready to go for body pump class, then i fell back asleep after it went off, waking back up at 6am. oops. i still got up anyway and went and did a machine i used to do all the time that kicked my butt. i did notice though that i have lost/toned in a couple areas because i moved a little different on the trainer! sometimes you just have to punt:)

friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =49:18 minutes/9:28 min/mile.

we were due for a storm later on friday, that meant a very windy early morning run. this also meant i had to break out the sweatshirt for the first time and had a major clothes fail. my upper body was really warm with the extra layer, but my bottom half was freezing in my shorts. i couldnt decide what to wear before i left and this was for sure not the right combo. there was wind going in every direction, it was not a fun run. my body felt really good though and i held a great pace!


i decided today that i was in the mood to window shop. so after sleeping in and richard off to play video games with his friends, i was off to the mall. i was so proud of myself that i only bought 1 super on sale, super cute leather jacket that i have on the lookout for awhile for! im kind of in this in between stage where my old clothes dont always fit (especially my jackets and some sweaters) but dont want to (aka have the extra $$) go buy all new things. so instead i came home to get rid of things instead to see what i really have in my closet before i buy anything new! i was very proud of myself:)
did i seriously need all of these in my closet??

totals for the week = 18.09 miles + 2 days of cross training.

this week i was able to focus on me a little bit more and get back to the path i need to be on. it was also our first real week of fall. yes in the desert we think its a good idea to wait until to november to do these things. this was also the week signaling less than 1 month to the vegas race! ahhh. im startin to get kind of excited. stay tuned to see how this short turn around works out!

28 days to the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!

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