Saturday, November 19, 2011

the 1 year mark.

with all the crazy things that happened in october, my grad school class, and life in general i completely passed by something important. richard and i have now lived in our apartment for 1 whole year together! for a girl who never thought she would live with a boy, this is pretty big. this post is incredibly late and i apologize. so to make up for it, i have put together a list of things that i have realized changed big time or will never change and important live together moments:)
*new traditions are just as fun to create as holding on to old ones.

* we will always, always shop at 2 grocery stores.
you think im kidding...

*traveling somewhere when you live together is so much more fun and conveint when you live together.
we got to go lots of places this year!

*we will never eat completely the same, but we are getting better.
for example this past weekend the only addition i made to the meal was fruit!
*somethings should be kept a secret by experienced couples until you experience them, you would never believe them if they told you.

*you relationship is always a work in progress. if its important enough, you will always find a way to make it work.

 *having different interests is good, but dont forget to compromise sometimes.
*always be there to support each other, even if the other person is wrong in the moment, or you are the only one there, always be on their side.

this has been an amazing first year with so many new adventures and things we have both done. i can only imagine whats in store for this next year! thank you to all those that have been reading about it all here. sharing all of this with other people for the last year has been so fun and i cant wait to keep writing all about everything for this next year. and thank you to my love for being ok with me sharing so many things with the world and for always reading my post the day it comes out! i love you:)

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