Monday, September 24, 2012

the 4 weeks to nwm recap.

this week was a little more normal and a little more fun than last week was! things weren't calmer by any stretch but not as stressful either thank goodness. my next class started and man is it going to be some serious work haha.


i slept in a bit at my parents house and had an amazing cinnamon roll (not on the plan and it showed in the scale of course haha). this day was a bit touch and go but thankfully the end of my emotional roller coaster.

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 45:51 minutes/9:42 min/mile

finally got back to my runner group, even if it was only jen and i. for some reason we thought that hill would be a little easier after the ones we rocked saturday, we were wrong lol. it still kicked our butts but i was glad to be back.

6am body flow
1 hour of pt

that alarm and i are just not seeing eye to eye anymore on tuesdays. this time though i knew i couldnt do all 3 so i just settled on body flow then pt. we had our old instructor back this week as a sub with a new track that i wasn't wild about but still kicked me!
therapy was good and we really worked on my hip! ron decided its really my muscles and im now asking them to do different things so it's trying to adjust. thank goodness.

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that dang alarm and i haha. i set it like last week when i didnt have to see joanie and got totally mixed up this week. maybe my mind was just overloaded and needed an extra day.

thursday~body pump.
4.22 miles = 37:59 minutes/9:00 min/mile

with a missed wednesday run i was up a little earlier for a pain free run that actually felt really good! i mean look at that pace:) plus we are literally on the brink of fall here in the desert!
my body was a little tired at therapy but he still made me do those damn box jumps. feeling accomplished in the end was worth it:)

so we got this little teaser from the NWM peeps and man
let me tell you the outrage on facebook over the
possibility of not getting a necklace this year!
mine may have been included too:)
ps there is still no answer either way, hmmm.

10.15 miles = 1:33:52 minutes/9:14 min/mile

i had to work saturday so i had set my sights on a friday long run since i was off. after such a great long run with jen last week i was a little sad i didnt have a buddy this time around. my therapist has taken over my long run distances and decided i was in for a flatish 10 miler. i was a ball of nerves for some reason until about mile 2/2.5 when the knot in my stomach finally went away. the weather was really nice and my hip actually felt really good! my knee held up great and i love that pace:)

oh i also got my final results from my nutritionist friday. drum roll please....
17 pounds gone! (170.5->153.5)
43 inches down!
10% body fat disappeared! (29%->19%)
i seriously could not be happier with this result in only 2 months. it proves that you can do anything you set your mind too:)

saturday~12 miles.

so glad that i did it friday as saturday was a long day of work but i got a sooo sweet reward that afternoon with richard...we finally saw finding nemo in 3d!! omg i love this movie. and seriously the pixar short before it was hilarious:)

totals for the week=19.09 miles+1 cross-training+2 physical therapy sessions

while my training was a little bit all over the place i woke up monday calmer than i have been in a very long time about things. and by things i mean my relationship, my food, training, classes, and life in general. it was nice to get back to a bit of normalcy. and it wouldnt be normal without a wrench or 2 thrown in there ;)

20 days to the nike womens 1/2 marathon!!!


Betsy said...

I saw that pic on the NWM FB too! Hmmm...wonder what it going on?!

~*katy beth*~ said...

right?! dont mess with a girl and her bling! the main page still says that every finisher receives a necklace so who knows. guess where gonna have to run that race and find out!

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