Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the 7 weeks to nwm recap.

just when i thought i was being so on the ball with things i let the days slip away! i took an extra day with the holiday weekend and have honestly been totally forgetting what day it is. ps dont even ask me the date, ha! this week was a bit of a tough training week but glad i powered through it. made some big changes which i am still working on catching up with!


did my usual sleep in and not a whole lot else. i love these sundays!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.67 miles = 45:28 minutes/9:44 min/mile

i had to work late and make up a few hours so i didnt make it to my runner group. tried a path around work that sincerely kicked my butt last time i did it. this time however i conquered that sucker! i felt solid and strong and it was about 10 degrees cooler plus i had a bit more shade this time.

5am spin class
6am body flow class
1 mile at physical therapy

holy crap school must be back in session! there were 44 people in class and it was packed. the worst was people that took front or primo spots and didnt even stay all of class. i mean seriously people, hang out in the back!
i really liked body flow last week so i decided to do it again. it was much different with fatigued muscles this time around, but glad i stayed.

it was my 1st meeting with my physical therapist and i was a bit nervous. (im going to write a full report in the next few days, so this is the short version) luckily he told me he could fix me in 9 sessions and as long as i stayed on top of things i wouldnt have to have knee pain for the rest of my life! YAY:) hes also a runner and gets it, thank goodness. we worked on my form and it turns out i sucked. once we fixed it my knee didnt hurt anymore, just the rest of my entire lower body. gotta work on some new muscles!
nothing like a little support from
your dad to keep you going:)

wednesday~4 miles.
4.22 miles = 38:49 minutes/9:11 min/mile

OMG look at that pace!! so im not broken forever, yippee! however this pace was wayyy faster than im used to and i was super sore all day long.

thursday~body pump.
rest/physical therapy

i switched a few things up this week to work around other fun things and the thought of body pump on a knee thats not totally healed sounded like an absolutely terrible idea. headed to physical therapy on my lunch and we worked on my glutes, which is apparently the problem. ron strapped on weights on my ankles and i did lots of leg lifts. it was tough i wont lie. then he informed me they were 1 pound weights and the norm is 7-8 pounds. crap.

9.15 miles = 1:24:44 minutes/9:15 min/mile

knee pain my ass!!  i am still cleared to run and got the ok to go on my flat route instead of the mean hills in green valley. like im going to beg for hills, ha! the change in form lead to change in rhythm lead to change in stride lead to change in steps. so basically i need to take smaller steps faster to avoid the pain. which apparently works and makes me faster:) i felt good, exhausted by the end and very sore because this is wayy faster then im used to. so i partook in my very 1st ice bath! it was a little bit of a sad attempt, haha. but it really helped and i know what to do for next time!
i needed a lot more ice to say the least, ha!
but richard really did enjoy pouring it in lol.
i moved my long run to friday since i was off because my best friend tiffany bought rockin good seats to the gloriana concert that night and we had decided to go out after. i didnt want to have to worry about getting up the next morning after line dancing all night hehe. totally the right decision! we had a blast:)

4th row baby!!

saturday~9 miles.

with a late night friday, i am sooo glad i didnt have to get up and run. the extra day to sleep in was awesome and i was headed to another concert that night! i had only really heard of 311, but it is one of richards favorites and at the mandalay bay beach, i was in. it was a good show! not my type of music, but fun to people watch:)
ive never stood on the beach side before!

total for the week = 18.04 miles + 1 day of cross-training + 2 days of pt

this week kicked my butt a bit, i wont lie. the major change in my form is helping, now if i could just get the rest of my body to catch up! its majorly sore and my cardio isnt quite there yet. well i just jumped in the deep end and i gotta figure out how to swim ;)

40 days to the nike womens half marathon!!!



Megan said...

I'm also curious about this form... though I think my sore joints lately are thanks to desperately needing new shoes.

YAYYYYY, go Katy Beth!

~*katy beth*~ said...

have no fear, all about the form is coming tomorrow! had to spread a few things out;)

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