Monday, September 10, 2012

the 6 weeks to nwm recap.

does that really say 6 weeks!! ahh, im getting so excited:) for those just tuning in this is my absolute dream race and you have to get through a random lottery to even line up at the start line! so to even be training and writing recaps is awesome in my book. this week was a little tough as my training took a little detour. i finished strong, just not with all the pieces i was looking for.


did a little outlet shopping for richards new bathing suit (yes he waited till the end of summer to buy one) and a lot of hanging out. it was a 4-day weekend for me and i think i forgot what it was like to have that many days off in a row!

monday~4-5 miles.
5.2 miles = 48:12 minutes/9:18 min/mile

we took the week off from my runner group since it was a holiday so i ran around home early to beat the heat. my new pace and form are seriously kicking my butt which made it a little hard to find the right rythym. my time was awesome even if i didnt feel that great while doing it, ill take it!

5am spin class
6am body flow class

not sure if it was the holiday weekend hangover but class wasnt nearly as packed this week! i scored a good spot and sweat like there was no tomorrow. not quite as good as some of the other playlists in her pocket, but this one did have country on it!
my spin teacher has now taken our body flow class afterward and its a little weird to see such a big switch from one class to the next. i felt totally different this week in body flow with the work weve been doing in therapy! new muscles were used and i felt a lot stronger:)

ohhh! and i got some super fantastic news...i am an official #sweatpink ambassador!!! i could not be more excited about being part of this amazing community promoting a healthy lifestyle and kicking butt:) (lots more in a future post!)
wednesday~4 miles.

well tuesday night i noticed i was losing a toenail. and instead of being paitient and letting it go on its own, i took it upon myself to take of it. bad idea! it hurt to have the blanket touch it, let alone put it inside a shoe for 4 miles. i did go to pt after wrapping it up and it was actually ok. ron decided since i wasnt sore from last weeks sessions it was time to move up in weight! my legs were burnin up after that session.

thursday~body pump.

i was really hoping to run because it was my birthday! but my toe had other throbbing/painful ideas so i decided more sleep instead. i went to physical therapy for round 2 of the week and was feeling really good after, wish i had time for a run after! body pump still makes me cringe a bit so i know im not ready.

birthday dinner with my parents at the cheesecake factory!
i didnt order any, so i got decorations on
both pieces my family ordered:)

seems to be the theme this week, ha. not funny i know and it was starting to make me a little bit nervous about my long run saturday. i woke up with my toe actually feeling good but with a 10 miler lined up for saturday i didnt want to take the chance! plus i was hoping for really good news at my nutritionist and tried not to eat anything before seeing her on my way to work.

turns out i didnt lose the pound we were hoping for. we think ive hit a plateau. but we still measured as a birthday present to myself and i have lost 13 inches in the last month!! that makes for a total of 40 inches since i began seeing her in july:)

saturday~10 miles.
10.15 miles = 1:33:45 minutes/9:14 min/mile

like i said, i was already a little nervous about this run with a few unexpected days off this week. but i went to bed early friday night after a dinner full of yummy pasta to help settle my worry. i woke up feeling good and tackled the 1st couple miles pretty easily. then mile 6 hit and i was over it. i could have very easily taken a right hand turn instead of the big extra loop to hit my goal, but was determined to finish it all! so i turned up my running playlist, stopped looking at my garmin, and reminded myself its about a feeling not a pace. it wasnt a pretty ending, but i clocked 10 miles and beat my time from last year by almost 10 minutes!
afterwards i treated myself to a nap and a pedicure before our staycation for the weekend at mandalay bay. both were fantastic and this was my view for the rest of the day...
mandalay bay beach!
kristle came to hang with us for the day,
well and to drink:)

totals for the week = 15.35 miles+2 cross-training sessions
2 pt sessions

a little bit of a tough week for sure, but its what makes us stronger! im convinced this week will be better and i know i can stick to my training plans much better than last week. and no more taking off toenails on my own, i promise!

33 days to the nike womens 1/2 marathon!!!


Betsy said...

We are in the same mindset! I posted a training recap today too! So excited and can't wait to see you in San Fran.

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Congrats on becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I'm excited to get my pink shoelaces in the mail ;)

You rocked your 10 miler! Way to go!

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